NAB Show – New York 2016

4749584 by Jason Godbey, Creative Director of Behind the Rabbit Productions

Last week I had the opportunity to attend the NAB Show here in New York City. The National Association of Broadcasters Show is one of the biggest gear shows for the film and television industry. Manufacturers from all over come to the show to display their new products. Canon, Sony, and Blackmagic Design were there, among many others.

If you can get to a show like this, I highly recommend it.  Not only are they are a chance to check out new cameras, post-production tools, camera stabilization rigs etc., but they can also be a chance to meet people from production companies. If you go, definitely bring your business cards.

I enjoyed the show very much. The people were welcoming and helpful. I found the show to be a great place to network. We hope to bring you more events like this in the future as an overview of what’s out there for filmmakers.

*Full disclosure: I am not paid to endorse the show or any of the products therein.

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