Soho International Film Fest 2018

By Jason Godbey, Creative Director, Behind the Rabbit Productions

In June we ventured to the Soho International Film Festival here in New York City. Ilaria Malvezzi joined us as our red carpet host as we spoke with many of the filmmakers and stars of the fest including: Tony Glazer, Jon Adler, and Sophie Faulkenberry from the feature film Block Island, and Adrian Stewart the director of Diminuendo.

Tammy Minoff   the director of Limerence which won the award for Best Feature was interviewed on the red carpet, and she’s an upcoming guest on the No Rest for the Weekend Podcast. Limerence is a romantic comedy currently making rounds at film festivals around the country.

The Soho International Film Festival had a great selection of films this year including a plethora of shorts. Some of the standouts include: Washed Out by director Alice Boucherie which took home the award for Best World Short. It’s is a gem of a movie, beautifully shot, lovingly directed with outstanding performances. Boucherie is a director with a ton of talent and potential, and we’ll be looking for more to come from her.

In the Field is a short directed by Tesia Joy Walker and starring Bobby Kruger as a reporter who witnesses a police shooting during the holiday season. It’s a moving story about an all too common problem in America today. Walker shows her chops as an actor’s director, as the performances shine through. Sally Stewart and Tyson Hall stand out as the family of young victim of the shooting, and Kruger’s sympathetic eyes give us a gateway through which we witness the tragedy and its aftermath. We interviewed producers EJ Argenio, Ryan Daven Port, and Cinematographer Brian McCann on the red carpet. Look for our interview with EJ Argenio on an upcoming episode of the No Rest for the Weekend podcast.

The Secret Nobody Knows is a short film about a Korean War soldier and the last few hours he has with girlfriend just before he goes off to war. The two leads Nick Ronan and Erica Camarano have great on-screen chemistry and both turn in naturalistic and nuanced performances. The film is inspired by the e. e. cummings poem of the same name, and Camarano’s narration of the poem provides a loving and romantic soundtrack as the message of love is juxtaposed against scenes of war.  It’s a touching story and a love letter to power of language.

Sundays, written and directed by Sean and Ryan McILrath is comedy/drama about two young brothers who forced to attend church while mourning the loss of their father. Xander Crowell and Owen Halligan the two young actors who play the brothers are outstanding. They’re believable as brothers and play off each other extraordinarily well. Tonally the movie makes us laugh and hints at emotions that run beneath the surface. The comedy can be a bit surreal and outlandish at times, but at its heart it’s about family and how they cope with loss. This film is well-directed and shows what a solid, simple, and effective premise can do for short form cinema.

The Soho International Film Festival just finished its ninth year, and is going strong. We hope to bring you more coverage of film and television festivals in the future. If you have suggestions for festivals in the NYC area you’d like us to cover, contact us.







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