Indie Film News for March 8th 2019

Hosted by Jason Godbey and Christopher Gillard

On this episode of No Rest for the Weekend: Indie Film News, Kevin Smith gets a reboot, and we celebrate women’s month by highlighting women in film. We also talk about about the rise of indie film in the 90s, diversity in films, and give you a preview of upcoming episodes.

Indie Film News is an audio exclusive segment we’ll have on Fridays to keep our listeners up to date on what’s happening in the indie film world. We’re also using this new segment to highlight indie film, so if you’re a filmmaker/creator and you have a project you think we should know about, send us a press release. If we think it’s right for the podcast, we’ll mention it on the show.

You can send press releases to Be sure to include the words “Press Release” in the subject line along with the title of the project.

No Rest for the Weekend is now live on YouTube, iTunes, Pocket Casts,, Spotify, and Google Play. Please remember to like, rate, subscribe, and share. You can also send us your questions, and suggestions for topics, and let us know if you’d like to nominate a creator to be a guest on our show.

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