Jeff Annison, President of Legion M at NYCC 2019

Hosted By Jason Godbey, Creative Director, Behind the Rabbit Productions

By a strange quirk of fate, I was invited to New York Comic Con this year where I met and interviewed the President of Legion M, Jeff Annison. In this excerpt, Jeff talks about Legion M’s latest film, Memory: The Origins of Alien .

Legion M is the world’s first fan owned media company. Recently they were a part of making of indie films like Mandy and Jay and Silent Bob Reboot happen by partnering with filmmakers and fans. It’s a unique company that I’m sure we’ll be hearing from for years to come as they help reshape the world of entertainment.

Special thanks to Jordan Elizabeth Gelber and Terri Pinon for making this interview happen and thanks to Jeff Annison for being so generous with his time. Look out for the full episode, coming soon.

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