NYC Web Fest 2019

By Jason Godbey, Creative Director, Behind the Rabbit Productions

In October, NYC Web Fest celebrated its sixth year at Stonestreet Studios in Manhattan. It is a delightful fest, quite intimate, but they have some great screenings, panels, and workshops.

I had the pleasure of moderating a panel on writing for Digital and TV which included four very accomplished writers: Joanna Pickering, who is an actress and playwright; Misha Calvert, who created several web series including Step Into My Office, ; Cylla Sennii, who created the series Situationships on BET Digital; and Micharne Cloughley, who is currently a staff writer for Law & Order SVU

The festival encourages creators to submit by having a healthy number of awards. Festival winners included: 

Outstanding Achievement in Editing: Countdown — Nathan Breton

Outstanding Achievement in Sound:  Microaggressions  — Dicky Dahl

Outstanding Achievement in Music:  Play the Hits — CJ Ballesteros & Lauren Moon 

Outstanding Achievement in Cinematography:   Just the Two of Us — Christophe Dalpé & Benoit Jones-Vallée

Outstanding Achievement in Writing:  Step Into My Office — Misha Calvert

Best Original Concept: Swipe — Martijn Winkler 

Best Supporting Actress: Barbelle –Nadine Bhabha 

Best Supporting ActorHype — Leroy Shingu 

Best Documentary/Reality: Yotsrim– Shachaf Dekel

Best Mystery/Thriller: Terreur 404 — Samuel Archibald & William S. Messier  

Best Dramedy: Tuesday Nights — Shiva Kalaiselvan & Joe Bandelli

Best Comedy: Dark Justice –– Mike Gerbino, Elisa Peebles, Travis Cannan, Che Holloway, Zahra Zubaidi 

Special Guest Star:  Tuesday Nights — Victor Williams 

Dynamic Duo: The Mom List –Elena Melener & Melody Fadness  

Best Actress: Home Turf — Sarah Cantin  

Best Actor: Darcy on House Arrest — Trevor Dow

Best Foreign Language:  Georges is Dead — Charles Grenier, Sarah Pellerin, Carolyne Boucher

Best International Web Series:  Sui Generis — Roberto Nascimento

I Love NY: The Rehearsal  — Jaclyn Bethany, Suze Myers, Alida Rose Delaney, Mikhail Makeyev

Best Short Film:  Girl, Sweetvoiced — Rebecca Shoptaw

Best Pilot: Vows  — Nazli Sarpkaya & Isabelle Pierre, Ginny Leise, Callie Hanau 

Best Director: Darcy on House Arrest — Heidi Weitzer 

Best Web Series: Home Turf — Mara Joly, Lou Bélanger, Rafael Perez, St Laurent TV, Sophie Samson

If you have a web series, this is a must-submit festival. For more information on NYC Web Fest, check out Episode 512 with Lauren Atkins, the festival’s founder. 

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