Opening Night of the Bowery Film Festival Fall 2019

By Jason Godbey, Creative Director, Behind the Rabbit Productions

The Bowery Film Festival kicked off tonight at the Katra Lounge in New York City. The lounge was bulging at the seams struggling to contain the crowd as filmmakers and film fans gathered to drink, network, and celebrate film.

The highlight of the evening was a performance by musician/virtual reality artist, Maria Brodskaya who played violin over a techno-classical track. While playing she wore a device on her head that recorded her brainwaves. It’s a device she’s been wearing for some time. She will later combine the data she’s gathered to create music in a first ever music meets neuroscience artistic project. Not something you see every day.

The Bowery Film Festival was co-founded by Geoffrey Guerrero who has appeared on our podcast. It is the sister festival to the Katra Film Series which is currently open for submissions. Look for Geoffrey on an upcoming episode of the show where he’ll be giving his tips on how to make a great short film.

Earlier this year we covered the spring edition of the Bowery Film Festival where our own Ilaria Malvezzi interviewed some of the filmmakers. You can find those interviews here. If you’re looking for unique films from new voices, head downtown. The Bowery Film Festival will run this week through November 21st.

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