Episode 618: Kathleen Simmonds

Hosted By Jason Godbey, Creative Director, Behind the Rabbit Productions

On this episode actor/producer Kathleen Simmonds talks with host Jason Godbey about her series Woe Is She and gives some amazing tips on producing and launching film and series projects. This episode is a must watch/listen for creators looking to get distribution for their projects.

After taking the festival circuit by storm and becoming official selections to over 26 film and media festivals, the series just won big at the “New York Women in Film and TV” competition and has secured a 1 year distribution deal with GoIndieTV  and their associated ROKU channel.

“Woe Is She” just released episode 1 of their 7 part series on all online  streaming platforms at the beginning of February. Subsequent episodes will be released every following Friday at 9pm est.

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