Juvenile Delinquents-Now Playing

By Jason Godbey, Creative Director, Behind the Rabbit Productions

March 10, 2020 – This story comes to us from Neil Goss who was on the show last year. His independent feature, Juvenile Delinquents (watch the trailer above) is now playing at the TCL Chinese Theaters. Click here for ticket information.

Here’s a bit about the film: Written and directed by Aussie-native Neil Goss, JUVENILE DELINQUENTS stars Corynn Treadwell (Our Father’s Keeper), Phil Blevins (The Art of Getting By), Dominican Republic actress Silvia Dionicio (Just Grace), Native American Cha-tah Ellem (Netflix: 13 Reasons Why), Xavier Michael (Netflix: It’s Bruno!) as well as newcomers Moses Meads and Kaleal Cerafici

“The film follows pedophile Frank (Jay Amari) who meets a gruesome demise during the botched rescue of Sarah (Corynn Treadwell) after she is unexpectedly dragged into his house.  With the male contingent just released from Juvenile Detention, the seven teens are faced with the dilemma of dialing in for medical help or leaving Frank to die. Doing more than just choosing the latter, each teen, bar Ryker (Moses Meads) enters into the unique pact proposed by Danny (Phil Blevins) albeit Lin (Silvia Dionicio) has the greatest difficulty with the price of membership.”

“As the teens prepare to torch the house, Frank’s wife Molly (Marie Smalley) arrives home, and is soon kept hostage, but after learning her husband’s vile history she offers the kids a glimmer of hope. Back on the streets, brothers Nick (Cha-tah Ellem) and Marko (Kaleal Cerafici) are quickly dragged back into a perilous life with Ryker. Danny befriends black sheep Chris (Xavier Michael) and tries to keep him out of harm’s way, as the girls react very differently to what has gone on but remain unified.  With incarceration looming, the teens reunite as factions form thick and fast. The group eventually fractures during a power coup which results in a further atrocity, but rather than split, this mistake becomes the catalyst for the teens to become a forged family. Order, or the illusion of control then sees Danny set the teens onto a rough path toward redemption as we find out ‘what happens when damaged kids grow up?'”

We always like support our No Rest for the Weekend alumni. Congrats to Neil along with his cast and crew. For more on Neil Goss and his experience making Juvenile Delinquents, check out episode 509 of the podcast.

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