QUARANTINE CABARET- A New Kind of Nightlife

By Jason Godbey, Creative Director, Behind the Rabbit Productions

Sometimes out of chaos and tragedy comes art and innovation, ideas so simple that they are revolutionary. Such is the case with Quarantine Cabaret, the new digital series from world renowned Burlesque performer, Michelle L’amour.

Millions are currently unable to work or even leave their homes due to the global pandemic of Coronavirus. The crisis has hit the freelance and artistic communities especially hard. With theaters, cabarets, movie theaters, and event venues forced to shutter their doors, there is little to no work for performing artists. Such is the case for the Los Angeles based L’amour.

The show is hosted by L’amour and features a variety of artists: Burlesque performers, magicians, comedians, and musicians all performing from their living rooms. In addition to being the Emcee, L’amour is also the headliner. Each episode ends with one of her signature dance numbers. As the Mistress of Ceremonies, she is delightful and charming, and her finale performances are breathtaking.

When faced with this crisis she and her associates sprung into action. “This idea was conceived on Monday and then we released 2 episodes on Friday. It was a quick turnaround! We were basically just looking to figure out how to bring in a little money since we lost our jobs, as did most of our performer friends. We thought this would be a great way to entertain the world and help ourselves and our friends. This is turning into a GREAT distraction,” she said.

In times like these survivors adapt and thrive, and that’s just what she’s done with this simple yet brilliant idea. She also manages to give back to her community with this collaboration. According to L’amour, “Each episode is free, [but] tips and sharing are encouraged. All money raised will be split among the featured performers.” This is a group of artists supporting each other in a time when support and community couldn’t be more vital.

Quarantine Cabaret brings you the best of nightlife entertainment from our living room to yours. It is social distancing at its finest. We don’t need art to survive, but we need it to LIVE! Here’s to life!” -Michelle L’amour

The first two episodes are currently available online and can be viewed on Michelle L’amour’s website and Vimeo page. The episodes are presented vertically, so they are perfect for watching on your mobile device. If you’re a fan of Burlesque, comedy, music, and magic, and you want to support the arts without leaving your house, this is the perfect distraction for your isolation.

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