Katra Film Series Returns May 29th

Our coverage of the Katra Film Series Grand Finale

This release comes to us from the Katra Film Series

After a 3 month break due to the unprecedented circumstances surrounding the Global Covid-19 Pandemic, Katra Film Series is excited to return this month for 2 live-streaming nights in partnership with Footprint.tv. Geoffrey Guerrero, Founder and Executive Director, has this to say about the upcoming return of the festival “Due to the lock-down in New York City we’ve had to get creative and find new ways to support independent filmmakers from around the world.

We are really proud to be working with Footprint to recreate the festival experience with virtual filmmaker Q&As and live-streaming of the selections. We look forward to continue serving filmmakers during these uncertain times until we’re able to return to a movie theater in the near future. Our 2020 regular season kicks off on Friday, May 29th and runs until Saturday, May 30th and will be free to the public with a pay-what-you-can livestream format to support the festival so that we can keep celebrating filmmakers and providing a virtual space to socialize during a difficult time for many.

For the 9th season, we are proud to welcome a new member to the Katra Film Series family, Carla Barraez, senior director of programming, who also screens and reviews films for the Tribeca Film Festival. She has this to say about the 2020 Spring Lineup: “This season’s line up explores a variety of themes within the realms of love and family. We are proud to have such a diverse set of filmmakers submit this year, and are lucky to have the privilege of showcasing their voices. Many of this year’s selected films dive deeply into how we deal with romance, how we rely on community for emotional survival, and how comedy can oftentimes tell the most vulnerable of stories. Our Comedic New Yorkers section showcases incredible local talent in Unleashed and Shopping for Love. We are fortunate to also have a wealth of animation in our Animated Reality section, which has a range of genres. What I loved most about our animated submissions was the unwavering ability to explore the horrors of our human mistakes. There was a beautiful hint of darkness that the public doesn’t usually associate with animated films, and we wanted to create space for this trend this year. Our After Dark section, of course, explores the deepest fears elegantly with selection like Windblown and Diary of an Unknown Soldier, and complements our Making Decisions section which is unashamed in exploring human decisions and how these may have lasting effects. This program really celebrates diversity having over 80% of this season’s program celebrates female filmmakers, minority groups, and female leads. As a programmer, I firmly stand by the ethos that it is our job to change the way our industry portrays these groups, and I’m proud to say Katra Film Series is doing just that – creating a platform for these stories to be told from a different lens.”

Each night the audience will vote for the best work and the winners take home $5000 in prizes provided by Final Draft, 3636 Studios, Screenblade, Meditative Writing, and International Screenwriter’s Association. We are also happy to have the support of JMR Rentals and Adorama Rentals for the 2020 Season.

For more coverage of the Katra Film Series in 2020, follow us here or subscribe on YouTube or your favorite podcast app (links above).

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