New Faces New Voices Returns July 28th on Footprint Network

This release comes to us via the New Faces New Voices Film Festival

New Faces New Voices returns for its summer edition in virtual form, using the Footprint Network as an online platform for web creators around the world to celebrate and socialize from the comfort and safety of their own home.

The event takes place Tuesday and Wednesday, July 28th & 29th at 7pm EDT on the Footprint channel of parent festival Katra Film Series, for a $10 pass covering both nights. Each night’s program will be followed by a direct link to join an open Zoom meeting where audiences can ask questions and hear filmmakers discuss their work. The winners will be determined by audience vote, with those chosen receiving prize packages from Final Draft, 3636 Studios, Bowery Film Festival, and International Screenwriter’s Association with a total value of $2000 for all prizes.

The summer edition boasts a wide variety of new work addressing the modern world, in ways both humorous such as a “A Beginner’s Guide To Quarantine,” a mock instructional video exploring the anxieties of getting through the current pandemic and serious, including “White Mirror,” “Blight,” and “Do not define me by my skin,” which portray the dangers faced by the black community from authorities and others quick to judge them a danger, through the lenses of horror, sci-fi/fantasy, and poetry respectively.

Some notable creators in the lineup include Danny Woodburn (Seinfeld, Watchmen) directing and starring in “N’Everest,” a comedic, environmentally focused, cautionary tale of six unprepared nincompoops who decide to scale Mt.Everest, as well as Broadway actress Julie Benko with her film directorial debut “A Newlywed’s Guide To Physical Intimacy,” inspired by a real self-help book of the same name, which follows a pair of Hasidic newlyweds who arrive home on their wedding night intimidated by knowing that they must consummate their marriage.

The New Faces New Voices screenings will be virtual, but the award ceremony will take place at the on July 30th from 7 pm to 9 pm at the HiO Tribeca store with a social distance presentation including complimentary food/drinks.

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