Wait, Wait, Don’t Kill Me-Screening Virtually at The Colonial Theatre

This release comes to us from the producers of Wait, Wait Don’t Kill Me.

Synopsis for Wait, Wait Don’t Kill Me:

On the hottest day of the year, an unknown virus spreads throughout inner-city Philadelphia. The infected victims, crazed by dehydration, begin attac/king other residents of the neighborhood in gruesome ways. When the military is brought in to contain the situation, but realize they can’t come up with a vaccine quickly enough, they fence off the area and let everyone die.

Stuck in the basement of their building and separated from their family members, a group of locals band together to try to survive. A darkly humorous horror film, seemingly ripped from the headlines, where government officials make life and death decisions based on the race and class of the victims of a terrifying viral pandemic. Wait, Wait, Don’t Kill Me is a unique blend of satire, social commentary, rambunctious violence, and goofy jokes and animation.

Wait, Wait, Don’t Kill Me is currently running virtually at The Colonial Theatre. Look for the upcoming podcast episode with producer/ writer/director, Adam Lippe. Watch the film here.

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