Documentary Racist Trees Wins Category Award at Stareable Fest

Numerous Web Series and TV Creators Win Across Various Categories at Annual Festival

NEW YORK, NY (Monday, October 19, 2020) – Stareable Fest 2020, the premier web series and indie TV festival, closed its third annual edition and announces its 2020 Official Winners. Talented web series and digital creators from around the world submitted their works, with Official Selections reviewed by an esteemed panel of judges. Attendees enjoyed a virtual Screening Room of festival submissions as well as participation in LIVE panels with entertainment industry icons addressing real issues and trends that today’s creators face.

The Festival took a virtual approach to programming, enabling even more direct opportunities for talented creators to meet and engage with top industry executives while TV enthusiasts had a chance to watch soon to be discovered shows and talent. Attendees also enjoyed screenings, workshops, panels, an Industry Marketplace, a live pitch competition, and tonight’s awards ceremony honoring the best creators and talent in the business.

*Although the Festival has wrapped, there’s still time to watch what you missed. Official selections will remain available to view through Sunday, October, 25, 2020 at Festival event panels, ceremonies, talkbacks, and other recorded videos will be released on Monday, October 26th at

“We had an incredibly talented pool of creators submit impressive works this year from around the world. Even though we took a new virtual approach to this year’s festival, we received more submissions than years past and had numerous big-name industry legends join us,” said Ajay Kishore, founder of Stareable, the platform hosting Stareable Fest. “This year’s winners were selected by an esteemed panel of judges, and we know they had a tough time choosing from so many creative and inspiring works that we can’t wait to see get picked up by networks and streaming services.”

The festival showcased 42 Official Selections embodying a new generation of web series and television talent from around the world. This year, AMC Networks sponsored a competition to recognize the best female creators and awarded those finalists meetings with AMC executives for consideration to be acquired by the major network. Winners and festival submissions represented those who are often not given the chance to share their voice, including women, people of color, and the LGBT+ community.

The Stareable Fest 2020 category winners are:

Short Form Comedy (under 10-minute episodes) – Hospital Show (Canada) is a workplace comedy (10 x 5-7 min. episosdes) about the loveable, deluded, “wounded” actors who play TVs most respected doctors. In the center of this petri-dish of dysfunction is Charlie (Sara Canning), a med-school dropout who could have been a real doctor, but instead, now plays one on TV.

Long Form Comedy (10 minutes+)- An Introduction to Thribing: Snapshots of Kiren (U.S.) . Synopsis: Snapthos into the life of South African international student, Kiren, as he attempts to get his life together in New York, by confronting his body image issues and strained friendships. All while fighting off the dark influence of an anarchist manifestation of his dead childhood dog, Mr. Dapper.

Short Form Drama (under 10-minute episodes) W. (Luxembourg) Synopsis: A woman has been found in the middle of the forest by the Luxembourgish police. She doesn’t know who she is, where she comes from or what she was doing there… but, strangely, she knows everything, just like a walking Wikipedia. Who is this woman, main suspect in an ongoing investigation about the disappearance of three children in Luxembourg?

Long Form Drama (10 minutes+) – Haus Kummerveldt (Germany)

Synopsis: The end of the nineteenth century in the German Empire. Luise von Kummerveldt (Milena Straube) and her father (Michael Goldberg), a baron, live together with a housekeeper and their butler at a moated castle in the Münsterland region. Since Luise’s passion is literature she’s determined to go down in history as a famous writer. Luise’s father dies just as she is about to send her manuscript to a publisher, effectively making her younger brother, Veit (Marcel Becker-Neu), her guardian. In order to demonstrate his power over his maverick sister, he tries to force her into marrying bovine Count von Mogge (Manuel Talarico) and giving up writing. Instead, these measures drive Luise to throw herself out a window into the moat of the castle. The young and attractive physician Dr. Büchner (Wolf Danny Homann), who instantly falls for the young woman, is called upon to treat Luise’s wounds caused by the plunge. Meanwhile the quarrel between Luise and Veit escalates – catastrophe inevitably occurs.

Unscripted/Reality/Documentary Racist Trees (U.S.) Synopsis: Racial tensions are reignited as a historically Black neighborhood in Palm Springs continues the decades-long fight for the removal of a wall of trees that many believe were originally planted as a totem of segregation.

Each year Stareable Fest also recognizes creators and Official Selections with awards for Writing, Acting, Editing, Cinematography, Directing, and Innovation in storytelling (i.e. new media interactive/transmedia elements) and the 2020 winners are:

Writing: Carpark Clubbing (Australia)

Acting: Milena Straube from Haus Kummerveldt (Germany)

Editing: An Introduction to Thribing: Snapshots of Kiren (U.S.)

Cinematography: Peter Pan (U.S.)

Directing: The Square Root

AMC Networks’ overall winner recognizing female creators is:

STORMCHASER (U.S.) from the Drama category – Synopsis: All Bonnie Blue ever wanted was to chase tornadoes with her Dad. But dreams die with time. Now, she’s become a different kind of storm chaser — hawking storm-doors “door-to-door” for her charismatic boss, Flip Smyth: a cult-like father figure to Bonnie and his tribe of young sales bucks. In the guise of “tough love,” Flip relishes publicly shaming Bonnie and his token minority assistant, Don Stuckey, her sole ally. After hours, Bonnie and Don find comfort in each other’s arms, inspiring Bonnie to rekindle her childhood dream and close her first deal. But when Flip pulls a bait-and-switch to avoid paying her commission, she finally challenges him, sending him into a rage as fierce as the funnel cloud that hovers on the horizon. As she realizes Flip’s doctrine of “Flip the Switch!” is just a way to exploit customers, a different kind of switch flips inside Bonnie — unleashing an inner and outer storm of violence.

No Rest for the Weekend caught up with the writer/director of Storm Chaser, Gretal Clagget on opening day of the Soho International FIlm Festival. Check out that interview here.

The Festival would also like to recognize its 2020 sponsors and partners for their generous support including DELL Technologies, Shutterstock, AMC Networks, Adorama, WriterDuet, and Yes Plz Coffee.

To learn more about Stareable Fest, visit You can also find @stareable on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

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