ANTARCTICA-Available December 1st on Digital Platforms

This release comes to us via Breaker Studios & Comedy Dynamics

Blockchain entertainment company Breaker Studios, in partnership with Comedy Dynamics, is releasing their original feature film – coming-of-age comedy ANTARCTICA – on digital platforms tomorrow, December 1st. The film, which stars Chloë Levine (Trinkets, The OA, Adam), Clea Lewis (The Americans, Royal Pains), Damian Young (Ozark, Birdman, House of Cards), Bubba Weiler (Harry Potter and the Cursed Child), and introduces Kimie Muroya in her first feature film role as the co-lead beside Chloe Levine, is a story of female friendship and adult pressures as two life-long best friends face their last year of high school in small-town USA. 

ANTARCTICA is the second feature film from Keith Bearden (Meet Monica Velour, The Raftman’s Razor), produced by Kim Jackson (Trust Machine, Blue Caprice) for Breaker Studios and Peter Ernsky for Oso Media. Chloë Levine served as an executive producer alongside Zach LeBeau for Breaker Studios. 

Synopsis: Life-long friends Kat and Janet see everything flipped upside down as they hit senior year. Shy Kat is now popular, hooking up at parties, while misfit Janet is put on strange medication for her “bad behavior.” Things get even odder when Janet meets a cute boy who might be a time traveler, and Kat’s panicked parents send her off to sex rehab. Can anything make  life in the suburbs normal again?

Bearden said of his second feature film, “Antarctica is a movie that I’ve waited my whole life to make. I wanted it to be a movie for teens and anyone who remembers being one, inspired by the smart, funny women who I have met throughout my life and the intimate friendships they share. I am confident the story of Kat and Janet will connect with a wide audience.”

Kim Jackson, CEO of Breaker Studios said, this film is right on time and is a genre all of its own. Keith’s unique perspective shines.  We are thrilled to be partnered with Comedy Dynamics on its release. This film is sure to be a classic that many generations will enjoy watching together.”

ANTARCTICA premieres on Breaker, Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV, Dish, Spectrum, Youtube and more on December 1, 2020.

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