NRFTW Behind the Scenes Video by Jason Godbey and Brenda Btrayed Oliver This is a behind the scenes video of episode 818 of No Rest for the Weekend. It was captured in front of the BRIC Arts Media Center in Fort Greene, Brooklyn. Follow us here for new episodes every Wednesday as well as updates and movie reviews … Continue reading NRFTW Behind the Scenes

Episode 818: Public Access Television Hosted by Jason Godbey, Creative Director, Behind the Rabbit Productions This week No Rest for the Weekend talks about the benefits of Public Access Television for you. Featuring interviews with Joseph Ranghelli, Manager, Community Producer Services for Brooklyn Free Speech and Brenda Btrayed Oliver, Community Producer. Follow us here for new episodes every Wednesday … Continue reading Episode 818: Public Access Television

the little things- A By the Book Mystery

Stop me if you’re heard this one. There’s a serial killer preying on the women of Los Angeles. There’s a young, ambitious detective whose star is on the rise in the department in pursuit. There’s an older burnt out cop out to solve the case that’s been haunting him his whole career. If you’re saying “I think I’ve seen this movie,” it’s probably because you have in one form or another.

ALICE FADES AWAY-VOD RELEASE DATE ANNOUNCED This release comes to us from 1091 Pictures 1091 Pictures is releasing a unique and stunning thriller, Alice Fades Away, the debut feature by Ryan Bliss starring William Sadler with Ashley Shelton, Paxton Singleton, and Blanche Baker, with original music by Chris French - set for release on VOD platforms on February 16th. In the film, a troubled woman in 1950s New England, … Continue reading ALICE FADES AWAY-VOD RELEASE DATE ANNOUNCED