ECHOES of the INVISIBLE Documentary Acquired by Utopia

This release comes to us from Utopia Media.

Utopia has acquired the North American rights to Steve Elkins’ award-winning feature documentary Echoes of the Invisible and has set a June 22nd VOD release with special screenings taking place in select markets.

Winner of the Zeiss Cinematography Award at the SXSW 2020 Film Festival, Echoes of the Invisible turns its lens onto explorers who are pushing the human body and technology beyond known limits in the most extreme environments on Earth. It follows Al Arnold, a blind man running through the deadly deserts of Death Valley; Rachel Sussman, a photographer capturing photographs of the oldest living organisms; Paul Salopek, a journalist walking across the world in the footsteps of the earliest human migrations; and scientists building machines to look back nearly to the beginning of time. These individuals are linked by their search for the fabric of our interconnectedness before it is lost in the noise of our distracted and divided world.

Produced by Jan Cieslikiewicz and Scott Cronan, with cinematography from Steve Elkins, Echoes of the Invisible features original music from Ben Esbach (of The Sugarplastic) and Morgan Henderson (of Fleet Foxes) along with music contributed by Julianna Barwick, Colin Stetson (of Arcade Fire, Tom Waits, The National), Jim O’Rourke (of Sonic Youth), and many others.

Director Steve Elkins says: “The film became a reflection on the importance of silence and stillness in the digital age. Thinking about our relationship to technology at this point in human history, it’s a really critical moment. Technology is becoming increasingly, intimately integrated into our lives. We’re becoming dependent on it for so many basic things that we never depended on it before. We really have to ask ourselves some serious questions about what is being gained and lost in that process.”

Danielle DiGiacomo, Head of Content for Utopia, says: “Through the subjects’ search for the world’s most fundamental elements, ‘Echoes of the Invisible’ showcases a masterful understanding of the universal quest for answers to life-affirming questions. Elkins’ cinematic storytelling crafts a refuge within Earth’s treasure troves and an escape from the inundation of everyday technology.”

Echoes of the Invisible will be available to rent or own on iTunes and Altavod starting June 22nd, 2021.

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