OPENING NIGHT: Katra Film Series 10th Anniversary Edition

By Jason Godbey, Creative Director Behind the Rabbit Productions

Last night the Katra Film Series celebrated the start of its 10th year by screening its latest slate of films at the AMC Empire 25 Theatre in Times Square, New York City. Filmmakers and stars of the evening were in attendance. It was the festival’s first time back in a theater since January of 2020. In addition to the 10 films screened that night, Q&A panel discussions with the filmmakers were held at the end of each block of films.

The No Rest for the Weekend team was on hand to cover the festival where we interviewed some of the filmmakers and stars on the red carpet. Emotions ran the gamut from excited to relieved. One of the stars of Girl Boxer, Jack Mulcahy, commented “I’ve always said post-pandemic, I’m not turning down any invitations to anything, so I will show up at the opening of an envelope. But having our film here tonight for the Katra Film Series is just incredible because it’s so wonderful. So many good people, all of my colleagues, all of our peers are here. That’s really what it’s all about.”

When asked how he felt being at Katra, star of Household Demons, Paul Luke Bonefant said “It feels great. It’s nice to have some sort of a film festival happening again. We made [our film] right before Covid… We got some virtual screenings.., but it’s great to have a physical film festival… It feels amazing.”

When asked about plans for the festival going forward, festival Founder Geoffrey Guerrero said “We’re back! We’re back with Katra and with our sister festivals: New Faces New Voices, World Webfest Mania, Katra Latin X, and NY Pause which is our newest festival created during the pandemic to bring independent cinema strictly back into movie theaters… We’re going to be really busy getting things back into movie theaters and live venue spaces, so definitely check us out.”

We’ll have a full episode with complete interview with Geoffrey Guerrero as well as the filmmakers who attended last night’s screening, so follow us here for more film festival coverage, interviews, and movie reviews. For more updates on the Katra Film Series visit their website.

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