SHIT & CHAMPAGNE set for VOD release September 7th.

This release comes to us from Utopia

Utopia is pleased to announce that Shit & Champagne, a screen adaptation of San Francisco’s legendary stage show now touring film festivals, is set for VOD release exclusively on Altavod on September 7 and coming to AppleTV & Amazon on October 12, 2021.

San Francisco’s own drag queen extraordinaire D’Arcy Drollinger trades the stage for the big screen in his first feature Shit & Champagne, a wacky send-up of ’70s sexploitation flicks. Drollinger stars as the titular Champagne Horowitz Jones Dickerson White, a charismatic stripper who finds herself in danger after her fiancé and half-sister are both murdered. When the cops refuse to investigate, Champagne takes matters into her own perfectly manicured hands to find answers.

A string of messy booty bump incidents leads Champagne to uncover an evil plot at mega retail chain store Mall-Wart and a discount escort service run by an evil mystery woman. As Champagne becomes increasingly embroiled in the seedy underbelly, she has no choice but to go undercover to get to the bottom of things. Adapted from Drollinger’s wildly successful stage show, Shit & Champagne is fiendishly fun wall-to-wall slapstick and camp, thanks to the unerring comic timing of Drollinger and a supporting cast of all-star drag talent, including Drag Race’s Alaska Thunderfuck and local faves Steven LeMay and Matthew Martin.

Synopsis: When the drug-lords of the underworld kill your fiancé and your sister, and the cops stand idly by and do nothing, there’s only one thing left to do…dance! D’Arcy Drollinger’s tribute to female empowerment and the low-budget exploitation films of the 1970’s delivers high-kicking, ass-whooping comedy.

A special edition Shit & Champagne Blu-Ray will also be available for purchase from Utopia exclusively at

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