HUDSON-Coming to VOD September 21st

This release comes to us from 1091 PIctures

1091 PICTURES is pleased to announce that HUDSON, an Award-winning road trip dramedy feature film starring Richard Masur, Gregory Lay, David Neal Levin and Mary Catherine Greenawalt, will be releasing on Amazon, Apple TV, and On Demand on September 21st.

Synopsis: After learning about his mother’s death, Hudson, a reclusive but charming man, embarks on a journey with his distant cousin to scatter his mother’s ashes in the Hudson Valley. Along the way they meet an unusual hitchhiker and their simple road trip turns into a dysfunctional adventure of self discovery, mini-golf, and broken Volvos. 

Directed by Sean Daniel Cunningham, written by Cunningham & Gregory Lay, and produced by Emily Kincaid & Mary Catherine Greenawalt, HUDSON is a heartwarming, charming film made with heart. 

“HUDSON is a feel good, funny road trip movie with big laughs and an even bigger heart. We are thrilled to have the support of MPX and 1091 Pictures to embark on this journey of presenting the film to audiences everywhere.”  – Sean Daniel Cunningham

For more information visit their website:


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