Aperteur Partners with Catalyst Series Festival to Democratize Entertainment

Announcement from Aperteur & Catalyst

Recognizing the apparent disconnect between content creators and today’s outdated entertainment distribution business models, Catalyst and Aperteur have formed a partnership to democratize entertainment and build a sustainable pipeline for talent and content.

Television veteran Philip Gilpin, who’s worked on HBO shows like “Sex in the City” and “The Sopranos,” leads Catalyst, a company that’s a step-by-step pathway for independent content creators. By design, the company showcases cutting-edge independent content creators’ stories to the industry and helps advance their professional opportunities and network.

“This partnership with Aperteur, to me, is about democratizing entertainment and lowering the barrier between storytellers, the entertainment industry, and audiences worldwide,” said Gilpin.

Aperteur, just like its name suggests, will create an opening for undiscovered talent to incubate and gain traction on their Over-The-Top (OTT) digital streaming network. Unlike other similar streaming platforms, Aperteur seeks to elevate content creators to grow their audiences and graduate to the major leagues in the industry, such as HBO Max and Netflix.

“The old way of doing things, with expensive pilots and closed-door decision-making, is no longer sustainable with today’s economic realities,” said Jordan Elizabeth Gelber, CEO, and Founder of Starbaby Enterprises. “Instead, I built a platform that gives people the incubation and infrastructure they need to be seen and ultimately succeed.”

Aperteur.tv is now live, and with the help of Catalyst, Gilpin and Gelber are assembling an ecosystem with companies that carry out similar missions to cultivate independent content creators.

“Making these big moves requires the help of like-minded companies, such Filmocracy, a film festival streaming platform that rewards users for discovering independent films,” said Gelber. This is just the beginning as we are working tirelessly to bring together a wide range of partners.”

Gilpin and Gelber are laying the groundwork for this revolutionary way of building a content pipeline with several partners, including Liquid Media Group, a business solutions company for independent IP creators.

“These partners, including Aperteur itself, all share a compelling vision that is wholly committed to empowering small content creators,” said Gilpin.

For more information on Aperteur, and to learn more about our content creators, partners and more, visit our website, www.aperteur.tv

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