Episode 1007: New Faces New Voices 2021

Hosted by Jason Godbey, Creative Director, Behind the Rabbit Productions

In September New Faces New Voices returned to The Alamo Drafthouse in Brooklyn, NY. The festival features films from underrepresented communities in an attempt to bring their work to the public, and we were there to talk to some of the filmmakers on hand including: Jason Begue (pictured above) who received the Katra Latinx Honorable Mention for his film Kangaroo Court, Luisa Maria González who took home the award for Best Katra Latinx Short Film for Saving Salvador, Ryan Roman who directed this year’s winner for Best Web Series, Grownass Kid, and Emma Francis-Snyder, director of The Takeover which won the award for Best Documentary.

We also spoke with Maggie Colligan, Michelle and Michael Dominguez-Beddome who collaborated on their short films, Expedition 37 and What’s in the Woods. There were new filmmakers like Haddie Webster who wrote and directed the short film Katie Chuck, and Rachel, Too, and Sean Michael Bradley with his film Whatever It Takes. Kinja Dixon and Sarah Schenkkan talked with us about their project, The Great Escape, and Paula Cajiao and Dean Luis Chuqui spoke to us about their collaboration on their short film Senorita.

Festival Founder Geoffrey Guerrero talked about the young but growing festival’s mission to amplify the voices of filmmakers that were seldom if ever heard by Hollywood and media at large until quite recently and the festival importance in this day and age.

Follow us here for more film festival coverage. We’ll have more red carpet interviews in the coming weeks from this year’s Winter Film Awards and Bushwick Film Festival.

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