Episode 1009: Bushwick Film Festival 2021

Photo by Obed Obwoge

On this episode No Rest for the Weekend brings you the Bushwick FIlm Festival. Hosts Jason Godbey and Kayla Vera (pictured above) interview the filmmakers and stars of the evening as well as Kweighbaye Kotee, the founder of the festival. Guests include: Zen Pace, Emil Benjamin, Skinah Iman, Fredgy Noel, Emily Kron, Kate Hopkins, Jared Crowelle, Kira Reed Lorsch, Nicole Vernarec, Matt Viera, Charlie Hoxie, Fabio Costa Prado, Jaspal Binning, Max Gardner, and Taylor Landesman.

At the festival’s conclusion a virtual awards ceremony was held online. The winning projects included: Hit the Ground Running for Best Web Series, Unemployment Hotline for Best Short Documentary, Nuevo Rico for best Short Narrative Film, Bangla Surf Girls for Best Feature Documentary, and the award for Best Narrative Feature went to Homebody.

For more information on the Bushwick Film Festival, visit their website. Follow us here for more film festival coverage and subscribe to our YouTube channel.

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