Crowdfunding Spotlight: LADYLIKE


After visiting The Players Club in Gramercy Park in pre-pandemic 2020, award-winning filmmaker Taylor Coriell (Showtime’s City On A Hill, Off-Broadway’s The Office! A Musical Parody) first heard the club’s hilarious, historic anecdote of the Sarah Bernhardt room, and thought, there’s a movie in here. From there, a post-Gilded Age buddy comedy was born, about two young society women, Olivia and Lucille, who disguise themselves as men to sneak into the Players Club to meet Sarah Bernhardt there on her now infamous visit in 1911. Free for one night only from the stifling corsetry of their life, their futures seem more full of possibilities—A lot can change in one night… especially the very definition of “Ladylike.”

Besides being the romp of a buddy comedy we all need after the last….. however many years, Ladylike sets out to point a modern, comedic lens at the beginning of the 20th century and ask: what sort of innate power can we all find when we release ourselves and others from the rigid expectations of the gender binary?

Joining Coriell are a team of well-established artists. Lauren Sowa (FBI, The Plot Against America) stars as Olivia, a hopeless romantic and Bernhardt diehard, opposite Kimberly Chatterjee (High Maintenance, Dance Nation) as Lucille, a headstrong and forward-thinking firebrand. Ladylike is being produced by Ginger Rage Media, in association with Form & Pressure Films and Iron Unicorn Media. Jenny Paul (Hulu’s The Looming Tower, Adulting With Jane), Edward Miskie (Hulu’s Bite Size Halloween, Renaissancing), and Madison Hatfield (Showtime’s The First Lady, Pageant Material) round out the producing team. 

The crowdfunding campaign runs until December 9th. For more about the project and the team behind it, visit:

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