Proceeds will benefit the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine.

The Katra Film Series unveiled the programming for its 11th installment propagating its commitment to underscoring evocative works from diverse and emerging storytellers from around the globe. From April 19th to the 20th, featuring over two dozen screenings, film fans can discover why the festival is top-rated by filmmakers at the new immersive Regal E-Walk 4DX & RPXtheatre in Time Square. Proceeds will benefit Ukrainian refugees.

Known as a premier showcase for the best new work from independent American and international filmmakers, it returns wielding a wide-ranging lineup of feature films, shorts, as well as talk and networking events.

An eclectic selection of cross-cultural and cross-generational productions spanning the topics of sports, comedy, paranormal activity, music, identity, grief, sensuality, and social justice, affirms the festival’s inclination for depth and creative disruption.

In addition to 24 short-form pieces viewable in theater, guests can savor four feature spotlights virtually on XERB.TV–– Raised Up West Side by Emmy®-nominated filmmaker Brett A. Schwartz; Fighting for Daybreak by Jason Head; Alienation by Sam Coyle (Avocado Toast) and Sometimes I Dream Farsi by Pirooz Kalayeh.

Katra’s highly competitive award categories and exciting exhibitions like New Faces and New Voices attract burgeoning cinema artists. Its documentary and multi-phase screenwriting competitions amplify distinct writers and their original and often debut feature projects.

The slate includes feature-length productions by established creators and rising voices with rotating works across networks like ESPN, Amazon, and Netflix.

Each selection is eligible for a category-specific audience award. Over $10,000 in prizes, made possible by sponsors, and title sponsor Digital Ocean, an innovative technology company helping businesses and creators in over 100 nations do more with less complexity, will be awarded.

Organizers will name the winners during a ticketed closing night ceremony. Voting concludes at noon ET on Thursday, April 21.

Proceeds from ticket sales will benefit Ukrainian refugees. “As a filmmaker from and still based in Brighton Beach Brooklyn, whose lens has been deeply inspired by growing up in a diverse immigrant community, providing a creative platform to uplift deserving voices has always been top-of-mind. Today, supporting those in times of crisis through the Katra Film Series platform is our intention and responsibility,” said Filmmaker, Educator, and Katra Film Series Founder, Geoffrey Guerrero. Adding “Their stories have yet to be fully expressed.”

For more information on how to attend including the full list of films being screened, visit the festival website: www.katrafilmseries.com

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