NEW YORK, NY – May 23, 2022 – New York Women in Film & Television (NYWIFT) is pleased to announce that 30 projects from 32 members have been officially selected for the 2022 Tribeca Film Festival. The festival takes place June 8-19, 2022, both virtually and in-person in New York City.

The 30 projects span a remarkable 16 categories and exemplify the diversity of talent within the NYWIFT community. As the leading non-profit professional association for women in media in New York, NYWIFT boasts a membership made up of not only directors and producers, but writers, editors, casting professionals, actors, business executives, attorneys, and so much more. Many of those roles are reflected the in the 2022 NYWIFT Tribeca roster.

“Getting an acceptance letter from the Tribeca Film Festival in the middle of a pandemic and economic crisis is what creators of content dream of. We are thrilled that so many members of our NYWIFT community – tenacious, visionary, and powerful women – have been accepted to this prestigious festival. Content themes range from reproductive rights to artists portraits to immigration, and it is clear that women filmmakers have a unique finger on the pulse of what is happening in society today. We hope New Yorkers will come out to support our community and Tribeca and attend the festivities,” said NYWIFT Executive Director Cynthia Lopez.

Among the 32 members included are four NYWIFT Board Members: Alex Cirillo produced the Derek Jeter documentary series The Captain and Audrey Rosenberg produced the HBO documentary Katrina Babies, a first-person account of the short-term and long-term devastation wrought by Hurricane Katrina. Leslie Fields-Cruz is the Executive Director of Black Public Media (BPM), which funded Inner Wound Real (LGBTQIA+ Shorts Program), After Sherman, and Hazing, and LaJune, the creator of Black Movement Library – Movement Portraits, is part of the BPMplus Emerging Talent Pool. And NYWIFT Board President Jamie Zelermyer is the creator, host, and executive producer of the Wonder Media podcast I Was Never There, selected for the Audio Storytelling Category. Zelermyer’s podcast explores the shocking disappearance of Marsha “Mudd” Ferber and her evolution from suburban housewife to feminist back-to-the-land hippie to drug-dealing bar owner, as Jamie and her mother, Karen, also reflect on Jamie’s nontraditional upbringing.

“I Was Never There falls within the true crime category but first and foremost I believe it is about a mother and a daughter and a time and place. After working in film for so many years it was both exciting and daunting to tackle a new format and I am so proud of the series and can’t wait to premiere at The Tribeca Festival,” said NYWIFT Board President Jamie Zelermyer, Creator, Host, and Executive Producer of I Was Never There.

“The reason my team at BPM works so hard to provide professional development, production funding, and expanded visibility for Black creatives, is so that the work of talented makers —like Byron Hurt, Carrie Hawks, Jon Sesrie Goff, and LaJune McMillian — can be appreciated by audiences everywhere,” said NYWIFT Board Member Leslie Fields-Cruz, Executive Director of Black Public Media.

“Buck’s story and the stories of all the Katrina Babies are intertwined with the soul and fate of New Orleans and frankly with America as a whole. His voice lifts up an entire generation of survivors and shows us what it means to own your own narrative and define your own resilience. Tribeca Film Festival is the ideal place to premiere this documentary in competition!” said NYWIFT Board Member Audrey Rosenberg, producer of Katrina Babies.

“The Captain is ESPN’s tentpole series of 2022 and tells the story of one of the best New York Yankees of all time! We can’t wait to share this outstanding series with Tribeca audiences,” said NYWIFT Board Member Alex Cirillo, producer of The Captain.

Also featured among the NYWIFT member projects is Signe Baumane’s animated feature My Love Affair with Marriage, in the International Narrative category. Baumane received a 2020 NYWIFT Ravenal Foundation Feature Film Grant for the project, presented to a woman filmmaker over 40 making her second feature. The musical narrative explores marriage through the lenses of mythology and contemporary neuroscience.

The full listing of NYWIFT member projects by category includes: Audio Storytelling: Day by Day (Producer Sue Zizza) and I Was Never There (Creator, Host, and Executive Producer Jamie Zelermyer); Tribeca TV: The Captain (Producer Alex Cirillo); NOW Showcase (Narrative Episodic): The Green Veil (Line Producer Alessia Gatti); Tribeca Online Premieres / Narrative Features: The Courtroom (Executive Producers Anne Carey and Gena Konstantinakos); U.S. Narrative: God’s Time (Additional First Assistant Director Katherine Filaseta); Spotlight Documentary: American Pain (Executive Producer Amy Entelis and Producer Carolyn Hepburn), The Big Payback (Executive Producer Marco Williams), Body Parts (Executive Producer Ruth Ann Harnisch), Endangered (Directors Heidi Ewing and Rachel Grady), Leave No Trace (Producer Sara Bernstein), and The YouTube Effect (Producer Gale Ann Hurd); Documentary Competition: Battleground (Executive Producer Ruth Ann Harnisch and Co-Producer Steffie Van Rhee), Hidden Letters (Executive Producer Lois Vossen), Katrina Babies (Producer Audrey Rosenberg and Executive Producers Eileen Tavarez and Jess Jacobs), and My Name is Andrea (Executive Producer Ruth Ann Harnisch); Spotlight Narrative: Somewhere in Queens (Casting Director Stephanie Holbrook); International Narrative: My Love Affair with Marriage (Director, Producer, Screenwriter, and Animator Signe Baumane); Viewpoints: Dreaming Walls: Inside the Chelsea Hotel (Executive Producer Lori Cheadle), Land of Gold (Co-Producer Rose Harwood), and Sansón and Me (Sansón y Yo) (Executive Producer Lois Vossen); Midnight: TRIBECXPLOITATION!: Tenement (Director Roberta Findlay); Special Screening LGBTQIA+ Shorts: See Me, Feel Me: Inner Wound Real (BPM Executive Director Leslie Fields-Cruz and Editor Veronique Doumbe); Shorts: Let Me Go (The Right Way) (Executive Producer/Production Counsel Diane Krausz, Producer Gilana Lobel, and Co-Producer/Production Counsel Rosemarie Tully), Paint & Pitchfork (Director Christine Turner), Vodka (Producer Sophia Loren Heriveaux), and Chicken (1st Assistant Director Sophia Loren Heriveaux); Tribeca Critics’ Week: After Sherman (BPM Executive Director Leslie Fields-Cruz); Feature Documentaries: Hazing (Executive Producer Lois Vossen and BPM Executive Director Leslie Fields-Cruz); and Immersive: New Voices: Black Movement Library – Movement Portraits (BPM Executive Director Leslie Fields-Cruz).

To learn more about the projects at Tribeca Film Festival visit https://www.nywift.org/nywift-at-tribeca-2022/.

NYWIFT is pleased to officially co-present 20 films at the festival, titles to be announced shortly. NYWIFT will also present a special edition of its virtual NYWIFT Talks series, NYWIFT Talks at the 2022 Tribeca Film Festival on Friday, May 27 at 4 PM ET. The panel will feature highlights from Tribeca’s short film program and include directors Chris McNabb, Beck Kitsis, and A.K. Sandhu, moderated by NYWIFT Program Manager Barbara G. Vasconez. Registration is free. Learn more at https://www.nywift.org/event/nywift-talks-at-2022-tribeca-1/

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