Aperteur Network Launch Party

by Jason Godbey

Last Thursday a new OTT platform known as Aperteur Network held a launch party at Haswell Greens in New York City. The event announced the soft launch of the platform which has been in beta since last year.

In this interview, Founder and CEO Jordan Elizabeth Gelber talks about the function of the network, their selection process for content, and the company’s business model. She describes the network as a “way station” and as a “living portfolio and market place” where series and film projects are fostered and then connected with larger streaming channels. The mission is to work with creators to get them to a streaming channel where their project will actually live.

In addition the company will act as a creative business consultant helping creators develop new projects that will hopefully go on to networks like Hulu and Netflix. It’s a novel concept not really seen before, and it will take a moment to wrap your head around. Gelber feels that the secret to the company’s success will be in it’s selective curation of content. Unlike YouTube and Vimeo they won’t take just anything. There is a selection process to go through that will see if the projects “have legs” and will be viable in a bigger market.

The model seems more realistic than other new streaming platforms that attempt to compete with the streaming giants like Disney + and HBO Max but don’t have the name recognition or the marketing budget. Whether or not the business model will be successful remains to be seen, but with every new network comes new possibilities for creators and fans of independent content alike.

Currently the network is available on Roku and on the company’s website, Aperteur.tv with plans to open up to more platforms soon.


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