Episode 1112: No Budget Filmmaking

Narrated by Jason Godbey

On this episode, we go behind the scenes of our latest video, Street Shooter: New York City, the third video in the Street Shooter series. We made the previous Street Shooter videos for our camera reviews of the Sony FX3 and the Sony A7S Mark II with cinema lenses.

The idea behind these videos was to capture New York City through the eyes of three street photographers. The series is heavily inspired by different films like Annie Hall, Man with a Movie Camera, and Le Jette. It also showcases the talents of  Nataliya Denysyuk, Vaugn Broderick, Alya Vilf, and Erika Reyes.

This episode focuses on the making of the series and the techniques used in no budget filmmaking. If you’re a filmmaker looking to make a movie and your means are limited, this is the episode for you. You can also check out our first episode on No Budget Filmmaking when we talk about the making of our film, Sonnet 23.

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