IN HER NAME to Premiere at Tribeca Film Festival

In Her Name, the directorial debut from actress Sarah Carter. The indie feature will make its world premiere this Sunday, June 12, at the Tribeca Film Festival. Inspired by the life of the late great feminist painter, Huguette Caland, the film—a highly stylized dramedy—explores many of life’s biggest challenges with a wink and distinctly female gaze.

In the film a frustrated, aspiring artist, Freya has put her career on hold to care for her formerly famous artist dad. When her estranged, well-heeled sister Fiona shows up, the sisters grapple with the impending demise of their famous artist father. Finding themselves back in the house they grew up in, the sisters are forced to navigate their eccentric father as well as the new-agey hippies and groupies that flock around him, all while nursing long simmering resentments and sibling rivalry. And the big question remains: who is to be the benefactor of their father’s substantial estate?

“In Her Name stars fine artist, Erin Hammond, but the story was inspired by the life of the late feminist painter, Huguette Caland who fled oppression leaving her children in Beirut to make a name for herself in the art world.I was interested in exploring what it’s like to be a woman with maternal values pursuing a career in art while dealing with oppressive and often abusive circumstances inherent in patriarchal society.

While making light, the film follows cycles of addiction and how those cycles intertwine with personality distortions that often come with genius. My only brother recently lost his battle with addiction. My love for him informs the compassion and sense of humor this story holds for the complexity and drama of fixating on escape while also longing to be connected with family at a primal level…” said director Sarah Carter.

For more information on In Her Name at the Tribeca Film Festival, visit the festival’s website.

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