World Webfest Mania Brings Exceptional Web Content Back To Theaters This Summer

New York, New York – World Webfest Mania returns to theaters in its fourth year featuring a remarkable lineup of socially and culturally significant web content from independent filmmakers across the globe. The two-day festival runs from Thursday, August 4th to Friday, August 5th, at the Wild Project Theaters located in Lower East Side. This festival is a hybrid format screening 25 selections in-person and 4 selections virtually throughout the week online through XerbTV. Festival goers can expect post-screening Q&As after each block, where filmmakers offer further insight into their films.

The festival features 12 international selections staying true to its mission of championing diverse, inclusive, and original content from independent filmmakers worldwide. The global reach this year extends to Australia, the United Kingdom, Denmark, and the Russian Federation. The festival is keeping to its mission by keeping web content front and center, screening web series and episodic content and featuring a vast selection of genres ranging from documentary, narrative, comedy, drama, horror, science fiction, suspense, and romance.

World Webfest Mania 2022 is home to the NYC premiere of Olympus: A Retrospective. This comedic docu-series tells the behind-the-scenes story of the 70s Sci-fi TV sensation The Olympus Chronicles.

Viewers can expect several docu-series and documentaries that challenge societal structures and provide necessary social commentary through the lens of BIPOC voices. Jonathan Fisher’s In A Whole New Way is a powerfully relevant documentary that focuses on the evolution of probation as a second chance to a means that feeds mass incarceration in America. In the documentary, he follows a group of people of color working to change this. From our neighboring country, Canada, Ky Vy Le Duc’s Decolonizing History is a docu-series that shines a light on Quebec’s and Canada’s white-washed history by offering more inclusive historical depictions and retellings. Told from the vantage point of BIPOC communities and individuals, this 10-part series offers insight into historical facts, figures, and significant events.

Audience members can expect to see narrative stories about life’s ups and down told through personable characters and relatable situations. The web series Codependent directed by rising stars Deena ElGenaidi and Jenny Irving, follows three millennial women of color living in Philadelphia, trying to navigate situational life circumstances, such as grad school, microaggressions, relationships with men, and friendships. (mis)placed directed by Adam Olson and Erin Roberts is another new-age web series about the intersecting lives of twenty-somethings, all searching for love, work, and meaning in the world today. In the comedy series Scratch This: The Series, directed by award-winning director Jody Miller, three self-centered sisters make a futile effort to overcome their sibling rivalry. Luke Eve’s Cancelled transports its viewers back in time to the beginning of the pandemic in March 2020. His series was inspired by real-life events that transpired at the beginning of lock-down and is a transparent account of a couple’s managing the fallout of their sudden wedding cancellation all while living with their mother-in-law.

The festival features selections outside the comedic and situational lens as well. Patrons should expect creative and unique storytelling from our selections falling in the psychological thrillers, science fiction, mystery, and suspense categories. In Wade Gibb’s Eye Must, the selection follows a struggling artist who begins incorporating human eyes in her painting after a creative breakthrough. Our festival opener, Welcome to Soulshine directed by emerging filmmaker Mélanie Charbonneau is a psychological dark comedy that follows a social media content moderator who develops an obsession with a mysterious kitten killer. Visitation directed by Patrick Devaney is a three-part sci-fi web series detailing the consequences of a group of NASA researchers going against protocols and investigating a strange signal originating from outside the solar system.

For more on the festival and ticketing information, visit their website.


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