FALL Drops Tomorrow Exclusively In Theaters

by Jason Godbey

FALL, the new thriller from Lionsgate, will make its US premiere exclusively in theaters this Friday. The film is the story of two best friends, Becky (Grace Caroline Currey) and Hunter (Virginia Gardner) who climb 2,000 feet to the top of a remote, abandoned radio tower and find themselves stranded with no way down. The premise is incredibly simple. After her boyfriend is killed rock climbing, Becky finds herself depressed and too frightened to climb again. She is convinced by her daredevil friend, Hunter, that she must get over her newfound fear and scale the tower.

The film is largely a two-hander, with Currey and Gardner on screen for the bulk of the runtime. Right from jump, they are in near-constant peril. We’re right there with them as they ascend the tower and the tension builds. The strong performances from the two leads, the use of practical locations, stunning visuals, and effects give FALL an undeniable realism, and the result is a harrowing, vertigo-inducing, nail-biter.

This week we caught up with the film’s director, Scott Mann (clip above). He spoke about the making of FALL and why he feels the film should be seen in a theater. “I want [audiences] to enjoy a theme park, theatrical, cinema ride. ” He compared it to Top Gun: Maverick, saying, “Top Gun’s like Disneyland, and this is like Six Flags… I want people to fully immerse in the theatrical experience for this kind of movie on the biggest screen possible… There’s a healing journey. There’s a kind of pure, honest story that’s personal to me… It’s a cathartic experience that we all need to go through after the hell of Covid and everything else that’s gone on in the world… There’s a reason to climb the tower and daring to go to the cinema to see it. The reward will definitely be worth it, so I hope people get to do it.”

Follow us here for the full episode with Scott Mann. FALL opens in the US on August 12th exclusively in theaters. Check your local listings for showtimes.

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