Crowdfunding Spotlight: MS. PINK

Director Lauren McCann’s first short film Girl Boxer had an impressive festival run in 2020, winning more than 20 awards, including a special jury prize from SeriesFest naming McCann “The Voice to Watch.” The feature film script of Girl Boxer has already been named as a finalist and a semi-finalist in the Oscar-qualifying Nashville and Rhode Island Film Festivals.

Ms. Pink, a short film about a mother turned assassin, will be female-driven and action-packed and will echo the styles of films by Quentin Tarantino and Guy Ritchie. “We are making a new type of cult film, one that mirrors the world we live in,” said McCann, who promises the movie will highlight diversity in all forms. In her mission statement for the project she says, “Ms. Pink is my follow up project to Girl Boxer and will again highlight the strength of women. The violent cult genre of film needs a female gaze.”

We first spoke to Lauren McCann about her directorial debut, Girl Boxer, back in 2020. You can watch the interview here, and to find out more about Ms. Pink and contribute to the film’s success, visit the project’s Seed & Spark page.

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