Episode 1204: Canon C300 Mark II Review

Hosted by Jason Godbey

On this episode we take a look back at the Canon C300 Mark II. The camera was released in September of 2015, but is it still worth buying in 2022?

We’ve reviewed several older cameras this year because we realize most filmmakers are on a budget and can’t afford to pay full price for cameras like the Sony FX9 or the C300 Mark III both of which are around $11,000 USD.

One of our most popular reviews is for the Canon C100 Mark II which came our in late 2014, doesn’t shoot 4K, but has a 4K sensor, and still shoots great-looking video. We’ve been reviewing gear for years to help creators find ways to create without having to go into serious debt. To find a list of gear reviews, click here.

If you are a filmmaker/content creator on a budget, you can also check out our episodes on no budget filmmaking including the making of our short film, Sonnet 23. If you find these reviews helpful or you want to know more about how to make films and create content without a big budget, leave a comment and let us know.

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