Episode 1210: Mary Woodvine & Mark Jenkin at NYFF 2022

Hosted Jason Godbey

On this episode Mary Woodvine and Mark Jenkin, lead, the actor and director of the new feature, Enys Men talk about the making of the film and their journey for the New York Film Festival 2022. Enys Men is the story of a middle-aged woman spends her days isolated in enigmatic environmental study on an uninhabited, island off the coast of Cornwall in southwest England, yet she’s also increasingly haunted by her own nightmarish visitations.

We’ll have more coverage on the films of this year’s New York Film Festival coming up, but in the meantime you can check our these reviews from Maribeth Thueson. Next week our No Rest for the Fest coverage continues when we take you to the red carpet of the Katra Film Series fall edition.

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