Episode 1214: New York Film Festival 2022 Recap

Hosted by Jason Godbey

On this episode William J. Hammon of ActuallyPaid.com (click on the highlighted links to read his review) and host Jason Godbey take review the films of the New York Film Festival 2022 including: Stars at Noon starring Margaret Qualley, Enys Men directed by Mark Jenkin, Showing Up starring Michelle Williams, Till directed by Directed by Chinonye Chukwu, Armageddon Time starring Anne Hathaway, Decision to Leave directed by Park Chan-wook, and Tar starring Cate Blanchett.

As part of our coverage of NYFF, the creative team behind Enys Men, Mark Jenkin and Mary Woodvine appeared on the podcast during their press junket before the film’s screening at the festival. You can check out that episode here. Next week we’ll have more film festival coverage for you with our episode on the Bushwick Film Festival, so be sure to follow us here for that.

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