Movie Release: COLORBLIND

The emotionally captivating feature Colorblind follows the story of Magdalene, a colorblind black artist, and her son Monet as they move into a new neighborhood where they are challenged when they see the true colors of people. When their racist landlord Walton is forced to babysit Monet due to an unexpected emergency, he discovers a more colorful world through the child’s black-and-white perspective. Colorblind takes the audience through a heart-wrenching journey of the complexities of race and social injustices, seeing it through the lens of a colorblind mother and son.

Colorblind stars Chantel Riley (Frankie Drake Mysteries, Wynonna Earp), Trae Maridadi (Batwoman), Garry Chalk (Cold Squad, Day of the Dead), Mike Dopud (Day of the Dead), and Seth Whittaker (The 100, Batwoman). The film proudly comprises a majority BIPOC crew. It is written, directed and produced by Mostafa Keshvari, and produced by Kirk Moses, Ian Nsenga, John F. Braico and Darren Benning. The film was developed by color scientists to accurately display colorblindness and metaphorically address racism. Colorblind received 5 nominations at Whistler Film Festival, was the Winner at Silver Wave Film Festival, and screened at Montreal, Vancouver, and Toronto Black Film Festival. It will also be screening at the Ottawa Black Film Festival in March and in the Calgary Black Film Festival in May.

Gravitas Ventures will release Colorblind on digital platforms on April 4, 2023. The film has a running time 90 minutes and will not be rated by the MPAA.

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