Episode 1304: James Oxford & The Tonkawa Film Festival

Hosted by Jason Godbey

On this episode the founder of the Tonkawa Film Festival, James Oxford talks about the festival and what fans can expect this year. The festival is located in Oxford’s hometown of Tonkawa Oklahoma. Oxford started the festival in 2020 just before the Covid 19 pandemic and the subsequent lock down and has been going strong ever since.

These smaller film festivals are important to indie film and indie filmmakers because they often give up and coming filmmakers a place to start. Tonkawa shines a light on creators from Oklahoma and the Southwest. Of course, there are festivals like South by Southwest and Sundance in that region, but those are top tier festivals that often require films with more production value and marquee names, and the the competition to get into those fests is fierce. Up an coming fests like Tonkawa give filmmakers a chance to get their work seen and win awards.

Since the festival’s inception in 2020, there’s been more interest in film and filmmaking in the region with the possibility of forming a local film commission and building the film industry in Oklahoma. Whether or not Tonkawa will be the next boom town for film or if the festival will be the next South by South West remains to be seen, but it is a growing festival bringing films and film culture to a small town and bringing a community together.

This year TFF will screen films from all over the world and as usual, they’ll celebrate the filmmakers with a parade making this fest a unique experience for creators and audience alike. The Tonkawa Film Festival, now in its 4th year will run April 14th and 15th and we’ll feature short films in multiple genres from all over the world. For more information, visit the festival website.

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