No Rest for the Weekend is a video podcast and blog dedicated to being an independent voice covering the world of entertainment.


Jason Godbey (Creator/Editor-in-Chief/Host) is the founder of Behind the Rabbit Productions and is the writer/director of Isolation, Thug #3 and The Last Hit, and the creator of BTRP TV and Watch This Film.

Brenda Btrayed Oliver (Producer) has co-produced multiple episodes of No Rest for the Weekend. She began formal training at the BRIC Arts Media Center and has collaborated with experienced producers and filmmakers. She is currently producing new work for Behind the Rabbit Productions. 

Adonis Tsilimparis (Associate Producer) has co-produced multiple episodes of No Rest for the Weekend. Adonis is a career composer for film and television and the co-founder of Cutting Room Music. His credits include: All My Children, CSI:NY, NCIS, Dementia 13, and Blood Bound.

Christopher Gillard (Producer/Composer) has composed the show theme and produced several episodes of No Rest for the Weekend. He  is a sound engineer/sound designer, and the founder of Sound Haus Audio where he composes for film and television.

Marcello Carnevali (Producer) has co-produced multiple episodes of No Rest for the Weekend and heads up content development for Behind the Rabbit Productions.

Sergio Beltran(Audio Editor/Camera Operator) is a Post/Production Assistant working in film and TV. His credits include In The Heights, ,Law & Order: SVU, and Wu-Tang: An American Saga.


EJ Argenio (Correspondent/Contributor) is a former executive producer for NBC Sports Radio and has worked for Major League Baseball and ESPN. The short film, In The Field, in which he produced, was accepted by more than 20 film festivals including Soho International, Burbank and Catalina. 

Lindsay Aster (Correspondent) covered the festival circuit in 2019 including: the Soho International Film Festival, and the Bushwick Film Festival. She is an actor/producer with several indie films and series projects under her belt. 

William J. Hammon (Contributor) is a Los Angeles-based writer and video editor, and he has appeared on and co-written several episodes of No Rest for the Weekend. He is the founder of (founded in 2018).

Daniel Mendes (Contributor) is a recent Communication and Media graduate of Montclair State University. His love of film had always been present from a young age, and now he currently manages and writes for his own blog,

Victoria Oliver (Host, Series I) is an actor/model with two Bachelor of Arts degrees from Fordham University Lincoln Center in Theatre Performance and Communications/Media Studies. She hosted the first season of No Rest for the Weekend. Her acting credits include: Law & Order: SVU, Powers, and the indie film, Hinsdale House.

Rob Rosado is a New England-based writer, actor, musician, and genre enthusiast. Robert is the proprietor of The Robby Horror Show, has guested on an increasing number of podcasts, and had his byline appear on numerous blogs and websites.

Maribeth Thueson (Contributor) is a life-long movie fan and has performed as a singer, dancer, actor, and musician. She has a B.F.A. in theater.

Kayla Vera (correspondent) has covered the red carpet on the film festival circuit for No Rest for the Weekend. She is a former model and actress who worked with many leading brands and appeared in several big studio films. Recently she ‘s decided to pursue a path in Health and Wellness and work with clients through her company, KVR Health & Wellness.

Alya Vilf (Correspondent) is a performer/model who has covered the red carpet of Katra Film Series and Female Voices Rock for No Rest for the Weekend. Her acting credits include: BTRP TV, Street Shooter: Night in the City, and Inspiration.