About Us

Behind the Rabbit Productions is a professional film production company based in New York City. We create promotional video for businesses and organizations as well as our own creative content for the web, cinema, and television.   Our company was established before the digital revolution with our first film, “Ghost Story.” Since then, we’ve created digital and film shorts as well as promotional videos and web series. We collaborate with creative, talented, like-minded individuals to further our endeavors in the world of entertainment. Our goal is to create content that is dynamic, powerful, and entertaining.

For more information about us, check out our website: BTRP.NYC


4749584Jason Godbey (Creative Director/Co-founder) is the Creator of Watch This Film, Artist Profiles, No Rest for the Weekend and The Jessica Project. He is also  the Writer/ Director/Producer of  the films, The Last Hit, Small Time and The Auteur.


Maria Aparo (Producer/Actress) is the Co-Producer, Co-Writer, and Star of  The Jessica Project,  She studied at The Portland Actors Conservatory and has acted on stage, in film, and new media. Visit her website: Mariaaparo.com


Rebecca Cremonese (Associate Producer/Editor) is the Editor of the Behind the Rabbit Productions Blog and has served as an Associate Producer and Creative Consultant on nearly all of the company’s productions.