Tara Westwood’s TRIGGERED Questions Senseless Acts of Gun Violence

Triggered directed by Tara Westwood tells the story of Ohio (Isiah Whitlock Jr.) and Virginia (Caitlin Mehner), two people who have lost family members to tragic and senseless incidents of gun violence. After succumbing to their grief, they seek retribution against an influential senator (Tara Westwood) and her husband David (Robert John Burke), whom they hold responsible for their loss.

Episode 1201: Aik Karpetian

https://youtu.be/GxwK8CkFZGU Hosted by Jason Godbey On this episode director Aik Karapetian talks about his latest film, Squeal the story of a man who gets lost in Eastern Europe while searching for his father. A chance meeting with a pig-farmer’s daughter leads to him being kidnapped and forced to work on the farm. He finds himself … Continue reading Episode 1201: Aik Karpetian

NEW FACES NEW VOICES Returns Sept. 13th

Now it its fourth year, New Faces New Voices continues its commitment to showcasing independent films often overshadowed by Hollywood. The festival runs from Tuesday, September 13th to Thursday, September 15th at The Alamo Drafthouse in Brooklyn. This year's fest will be a hybrid format featuring a grand total of 40 culturally, ethically, and socially … Continue reading NEW FACES NEW VOICES Returns Sept. 13th

Episode 1124: Scott Mann

On this episode Scott Mann talks about his latest film, FALL (now playing in theaters). In this interview Mann breaks down the making of the film and reveals how he accomplished the movie's stunning visuals. FALL stars Grace Caroline Currey, Virginia Gardner, and Jeffrey Dean Morgan. Mann's previous credits include: Heist (starring Robert De Niro and Dave Bautista), The Tournament, and television series like The Oath.

Episode 1123: Long Island International Film Expo 2022

https://youtu.be/1ATwMKSzNgY Hosted by Jason Godbey & Kayla Vera On this episode we take you to the red carpet of the 25th Edition of the Long Island International Film Expo featuring interviews with: Festival Founder/Director Debra Markowitz, Tara Westwood (The Grudge), Catherine Curtin (Stranger Things), Lukas Hassel (The Blacklist), Chad Coleman (The Orville), Greg Cergol (WNBC … Continue reading Episode 1123: Long Island International Film Expo 2022

FALL Drops Tomorrow Exclusively In Theaters

FALL, the new thriller from Lionsgate, will make its US premiere exclusively in theaters this Friday. The film is the story of two best friends, Becky (Grace Caroline Currey) and Hunter (Virginia Gardner) who climb 2,000 feet to the top of a remote, abandoned radio tower and find themselves stranded with no way down.

Episode 1122: Fall Film Festival Preview 2022

https://youtu.be/6rfINj0T3uY Hosted by Jason Godbey & Kayla Vera On this episode we bring you our preview of upcoming film festivals for Fall 2022 including: Soho International Film Festival, New York Film Festival, Chelsea Film Festival, Greenpoint Film Festival, Bushwick Film Festival, and Female Voices Rock. Recently we covered the Tribeca Film Festival and the Brooklyn … Continue reading Episode 1122: Fall Film Festival Preview 2022