NEW MOVIE RELEASE: CAPTAINS OF ZA’ATARI This release comes to us from UTOPIA. CAPTAINS OF ZA'ATARI COMES TO SELECT THEATERS & ON DIGITAL PLATFORMS NOVEMBER 19, 2021 This documentary tells the story of two best friends trapped in the Za'atari Refugee Camp in Jordan. They have an undying dream of becoming professional soccer players. When a world renowned sports academy … Continue reading NEW MOVIE RELEASE: CAPTAINS OF ZA’ATARI

Episode 1009: Bushwick Film Festival 2021 Photo by Obed Obwoge On this episode No Rest for the Weekend brings you the Bushwick FIlm Festival. Hosts Jason Godbey and Kayla Vera (pictured above) interview the filmmakers and stars of the evening as well as Kweighbaye Kotee, the founder of the festival. Guests include: Zen Pace, Emil Benjamin, Skinah Iman, Fredgy Noel, … Continue reading Episode 1009: Bushwick Film Festival 2021

Sand and Spice – DUNE

by Maribeth Thueson, NRFTW Contributor The light shifts over the golden desert, over the bright hills and dark valleys of the dunes, the sand singing softly as the wind blows the grains across the surface. It is sweeping, mysterious, and dangerous. The desert is on the planet Arrakis, which is the sole source of spice, … Continue reading Sand and Spice – DUNE

Episode 1008: Winter Film Awards 2021 Hosted by Jason Godbey, Behind the Rabbit Productions On this episode we recap the 10th Annual Winter Film Awards featuring interviews on the red carpet with Kayla Vera and movie reviews with William J. Hammon. In addition we update you on Soho International Film Festival and NYC Webfest. SIFF will be running from November … Continue reading Episode 1008: Winter Film Awards 2021

Utopia Acquires Timely Feature Documentary – RED HEAVEN This release comes to us by way of Utopia Los Angeles, CA – Utopia has acquired the U.S. rights to Red Heaven, a timely feature documentary that follows six young volunteers as they prepare for a yearlong NASA experiment designed to replicate the physical and psychological conditions of a mission to Mars. The film … Continue reading Utopia Acquires Timely Feature Documentary – RED HEAVEN

Episode 1007: New Faces New Voices 2021

In October New Faces New Voices returned to The Alamo Drafthouse in Brooklyn, NY. The festival features films from underrepresented communities in an attempt to bring their work to the public, and we were there to talk to some of the filmmakers on hand

Medieval #MeToo – THE LAST DUEL

If there’s anything that the #MeToo movement made clear, it is why women are reluctanct to come forward to accuse perpetrators of sexual abuse, especially when the perpetrators are powerful and well-known. Women are afraid, with justification, that they will not be believed and that they will be blamed rather than seen as victims.


Alfonso Cortés-Cavanillas’ EGO Scores Trio of Accolades Including Best Feature, Rob Jabbaz Takes Best Director, Special Jury Mention, and the Audience Award for THE SADNESS As Standouts of 2021 Winners. [Monday, October 25, 2021 - Brooklyn, NY] The Brooklyn Horror Film Festival ended its 6th edition last Thursday with the sold-out closing night East Coast … Continue reading BROOKLYN HORROR FILM FESTIVAL ANNOUNCES AWARDS FOR 2021 EDITION


It’s 2008, and the U.S. military’s surge in Iraq is underway. Soldiers are being called up for their second and third deployments, but some are suffering from post traumatic stress syndrome from previous tours. The military says they’re fit to serve, but they can’t face going back. What can they do

Opening Night of Bushwick Film Festival 2021

This year marks the festival’s 14th year running and will be presented as a hybrid festival with some in-person screenings and events as well as a full catalogue of official selections available to stream online. The festival will continue streaming all films on its platform with daily filmmaker Q&A’s, and its awards ceremony will be available to watch on Facebook Live.