Time is Money: CASTLE FALLS

Two badasses, a stack of cash, and less than twenty-four hours to make it out alive, Castle Falls pits Dolph Lundgren (who also serves as the film’s director) and Scott Adkins against a group of thugs who are out to find a stash of money hidden within an abandoned hospital that’s soon to be demolished. With nothing to lose and everything to gain, our heroes have only a few hours to make it out with the money and their lives.

Non Player Romcom-FREE GUY

https://youtu.be/cttnRmcr_ME Review by Maribeth Thueson, NRFTW Contributor Guy (Ryan Reynolds) has a problem. It’s not that he wears the same blue shirt every day, has the same coffee from the same coffee shop, or says “Don’t have a good day. Have a great day!” to everyone he meets. It’s not even that the cars on … Continue reading Non Player Romcom-FREE GUY