Episode 1203: Origin Stories Part II

In this second part of our two part series introducing up and coming talents in the entertainment world, we present actor/dancer Kevin Rivera, and actor/model Aislinn Evans. These documentary style interviews are uncensored, and the subjects talk openly about the struggle of trying to make it as creatives in New York City, dealing with rejection, and the pressures of creating their own social media content.

FALL Drops Tomorrow Exclusively In Theaters

FALL, the new thriller from Lionsgate, will make its US premiere exclusively in theaters this Friday. The film is the story of two best friends, Becky (Grace Caroline Currey) and Hunter (Virginia Gardner) who climb 2,000 feet to the top of a remote, abandoned radio tower and find themselves stranded with no way down.

Episode 1120: Katherine Waddell

https://youtu.be/qDckWBkoStE Hosted by Jason Godbey On this episode actor/producer Katherine Waddell talks about her feature film, Balloon Animal which is directed by Em Johnson and is currently making its way around the festival circuit. We first learned about Katharine and her film at this year's Brooklyn Film Festival. For more episodes and film festival coverage, … Continue reading Episode 1120: Katherine Waddell

Episode 1112: No Budget Filmmaking

https://youtu.be/MNlhHx5_uyw Narrated by Jason Godbey On this episode, we go behind the scenes of our latest video, Street Shooter: New York City, the third video in the Street Shooter series. We made the previous Street Shooter videos for our camera reviews of the Sony FX3 and the Sony A7S Mark II with cinema lenses. The … Continue reading Episode 1112: No Budget Filmmaking

Episode 1104: Lukas Hassel

https://youtu.be/Unxc0-_suKA Hosted by Jason Godbey On this episode actor/filmmaker, Lukas Hassel (The Blacklist) talks about his work in the Shudder original film, Slapface, and the indie series, Couple of Guys. To learn more about Slapface, read our review and check out our interview with director Jeremiah Kipp, and to find out more about Couple of … Continue reading Episode 1104: Lukas Hassel

Episode 1103: Kira Reed Lorsch

https://youtu.be/5H1WR8lLJ5M Hosted by Jason Godbey On this episode Emmy award winning producer/actor Kira Reed Lorsch talks about her new series, Rumors, her upcoming projects, and gives her advice for creators. We first met Kira and the creative team behind Rumors on the red carpet of the Bushwick Film Festival. Follow us here for more great … Continue reading Episode 1103: Kira Reed Lorsch

Episode 1022: Aleksandra Szczepanowska

https://youtu.be/8iYFIU-bmXk Hosted by Jason Godbey On this episode Aleksandra Szczepanowska talks about making the of her award winning film, Touch. .Sczepanowska who directs and stars in the film, first came to our attention at last year's Winter Film Awards. For our review of Touch, click here. Follow us here for more episodes and subscribe to … Continue reading Episode 1022: Aleksandra Szczepanowska

Top 10 Documentaries About Movies

https://youtu.be/HhIqKHlq__o Written & Narrated by Jason Godbey This is our Top 10 list of documentaries about movies for people who love movies and want to know more about them. This is an excellent list for filmmakers and film fans. Some of these films can be found on YouTube and other streaming video channels. What are … Continue reading Top 10 Documentaries About Movies