Episode 516: Cait Cortelyou

https://youtu.be/7HrvfhRquuE Hosted By Jason Godbey, Creative Director, Behind the Rabbit Productions On this episode accomplished actor/producer Cait Corleyou talks with host Jason Godbey about her independent feature, Ask for Jane. No Rest for the Weekend is now live on YouTube, iTunes, Pocket Casts, Anchor.fm, Spotify, and Google Play. Please remember to like, rate, subscribe, and share. You can also send us your questions, and … Continue reading Episode 516: Cait Cortelyou

IFP Week September 2017

by Jason Godbey, Creative Director, Behind the Rabbit Productions This September I attended the Independent Feature Project's Market Week.  IFP was founded in 1979 with the purpose is to connecting filmmakers with resources and help them advance their projects. Recently IFP started connecting filmmakers and content creators with people in the television and streaming/digital world. I … Continue reading IFP Week September 2017