Interview with ALL THE WORLD IS SLEEPING Director, Ryan Lacen

On this episode director Ryan Lacen talks about his latest film, All the World is Sleeping starring Melissa Barrera (Scream VI). In the interview he talks about his background and the interesting process by which this film was developed. He also talks about working with Melissa Barrera and why audiences should see this one in theaters.

Portrait of the Artist as a Young Woman: SHOWING UP

Michelle Williams and Kelly Reichardt team up once again to bring you Showing Up, a new dramedy about the life of an artist. Williams plays Lizzy, a sculptor preparing for her new art show. As she prepares, she's forced to deal with her flaky landlady who can't seem to fix the water heater, her dysfunctional family, and a wounded pigeon.

Episode 1211: Katra Film Series – Fall 2022

On this episode as part of our No Rest for the Fest coverage this fall, we take you to the red carpet of the Fall 202 Edition of the Katra Film Series at the Regal Cinema in New York City featuring interviews with the filmmakers and stars of the festival.

Definitely Follow – INFLUENCER at Brooklyn Horror Film Festival

There’s a certain joy in rooting for the bad guy in a movie. A truly great villain can win you over in a number of ways, be it strong characterization, a sadistic glee in their methods, or a logic in their actions that surprises the viewer by making an odd sort of sense. That’s what I got from Influencer. Writer-director Kurtis David Harder crafts a relatively simple but massively fun bit of modern horror thanks in large part to his focus on a truly compelling baddie that will earn your respect, and perhaps even outright admiration.

Episode 1209: Soho International Film Festival 2022 Part II

On this episode we bring you our continued "no rest for the fest" coverage of 13th Annual Soho International Film Festival. Featuring interviews with: Anthony Robert Grasso, Diane Harrington, Maren Lavelle, Matt Steiner, Nick Ronan, Erica Camarano, Stephen Michael Simon, Max Gardner, Michael Ien Cohen, and the festival's Executive Director, Sibyl Santiago.

Episode 1208: Soho International Film Festival 2022

On this episode we take you to the red carpet of the 13th Annual Soho International Film Festival. Featuring interviews with: Diana Cossa, Kate Forsatz, Chad L. Coleman, Ben Myers, Cheryl Allison, Alejandro Montoya Marin, John Kaler, Marissa Ghavami, Frank Harts, Elise Finnerty, Estelle Gerard Parks, Lauren Sowa, Massimo Soto, Libe Barer, Miranda Khan, Baylee Toney, Myles Clohessy.

Tara Westwood’s TRIGGERED Questions Senseless Acts of Gun Violence

Triggered directed by Tara Westwood tells the story of Ohio (Isiah Whitlock Jr.) and Virginia (Caitlin Mehner), two people who have lost family members to tragic and senseless incidents of gun violence. After succumbing to their grief, they seek retribution against an influential senator (Tara Westwood) and her husband David (Robert John Burke), whom they hold responsible for their loss.