Episode 708: Joel Feinberg

https://youtu.be/jPYQbF4nzGU Hosted by Jason Godbey, Creative Director, Behind the Rabbit Productions DeWolfe Music NA CEO Joel Feinberg returns to the podcast to talk about the state of production in the film industry and how creators can find opportunities in today's market. For more content, follow us here or subscribe on your favorite podcast app.

Episode 517: Joel Feinberg

https://youtu.be/mppgak_dY64 Hosted By Jason Godbey, Creative Director, Behind the Rabbit Productions On this episode Joel Feinberg, CEO of DeWolfe Music USA talks about the ins and outs of music licensing with host Jason Godbey. No Rest for the Weekend is now live on YouTube, iTunes, Pocket Casts, Anchor.fm, Spotify, and Google Play. Please remember to like, rate, subscribe, and share. You can … Continue reading Episode 517: Joel Feinberg

Episode 103-Adonis Tsilimparis

Produced by Jason Godbey, Creative Director, Behind the Rabbit Productions In this episode, composer, Adonis Tsilimparis talks about his career, his process, and how to make it as a composer for film and television. The first season of No Rest for the Weekend was hosted by Victoria Oliver and is now available on YouTube, iTunes, Pocket Casts, … Continue reading Episode 103-Adonis Tsilimparis