Binge Watch: MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE: REVELATION (Spoiler Free Review)

This weekend Netflix released the first five episodes of Masters of the Universe: Revelation, the latest reboot of the Masters of the Universe franchise. Based on the toy line from Mattel, the original television series, He-Man Masters of the Universe was released in 1983 and made into a live action film in 1987 starring Doph Lundgren and Frank Langella, and the series was rebooted back in 2002. 

Perry Mason-A Reboot /Origin Story This is a non-spoiler review. The name Perry Mason first became known to television fans in 1957 with Raymond Burr as the titular character. The Emmy award winning show ran for nine years on network television with Burr in the role of Mason for its entire run. In its original incarnation, Perry Mason was … Continue reading Perry Mason-A Reboot /Origin Story

Episode 714: We Are One: A Global Film Festival Recap Part I Hosted by Jason Godbey, Creative Director, Behind the Rabbit Productions On this episode NYC Web Fest Founder Lauren Atkins and host Jason Godbey recap the films and series from We Are One: A Global Film Festival including: JAWS: Assembling a Top Tier Team, The Stories That Prepared Us, Sébastien Tellier on Paris’ Rooftop, Losing … Continue reading Episode 714: We Are One: A Global Film Festival Recap Part I

Losing Alice- A Seductive Thriller Series Review by Lauren Atkins, Founder, NYC Webfest In the pilot episode of Israeli TV series Losing Alice, the viewer is seduced immediately.  It’s a dark and stormy night.  Violins are playing loudly.  The cinematography is slick.  Everything feels surreal.  What is happening?  Right from the beginning, we can expect the unexpected.  Curated by the … Continue reading Losing Alice- A Seductive Thriller Series