NYC Web Fest 2019

By Jason Godbey, Creative Director, Behind the Rabbit Productions

In October, NYC Web Fest celebrated its sixth year at Stonestreet Studios in Manhattan. It is a delightful fest, quite intimate, but they have some great screenings, panels, and workshops.

I had the pleasure of moderating a panel on writing for Digital and TV which included four very accomplished writers: Joanna Pickering, who is an actress and playwright; Misha Calvert, who created several web series including Step Into My Office, ; Cylla Sennii, who created the series Situationships on BET Digital; and Micharne Cloughley, who is currently a staff writer for Law & Order SVU

The festival encourages creators to submit by having a healthy number of awards. Festival winners included: 

Outstanding Achievement in Editing: Countdown — Nathan Breton

Outstanding Achievement in Sound:  Microaggressions  — Dicky Dahl

Outstanding Achievement in Music:  Play the Hits — CJ Ballesteros & Lauren Moon 

Outstanding Achievement in Cinematography:   Just the Two of Us — Christophe Dalpé & Benoit Jones-Vallée

Outstanding Achievement in Writing:  Step Into My Office — Misha Calvert

Best Original Concept: Swipe — Martijn Winkler 

Best Supporting Actress: Barbelle –Nadine Bhabha 

Best Supporting ActorHype — Leroy Shingu 

Best Documentary/Reality: Yotsrim– Shachaf Dekel

Best Mystery/Thriller: Terreur 404 — Samuel Archibald & William S. Messier  

Best Dramedy: Tuesday Nights — Shiva Kalaiselvan & Joe Bandelli

Best Comedy: Dark Justice –– Mike Gerbino, Elisa Peebles, Travis Cannan, Che Holloway, Zahra Zubaidi 

Special Guest Star:  Tuesday Nights — Victor Williams 

Dynamic Duo: The Mom List –Elena Melener & Melody Fadness  

Best Actress: Home Turf — Sarah Cantin  

Best Actor: Darcy on House Arrest — Trevor Dow

Best Foreign Language:  Georges is Dead — Charles Grenier, Sarah Pellerin, Carolyne Boucher

Best International Web Series:  Sui Generis — Roberto Nascimento

I Love NY: The Rehearsal  — Jaclyn Bethany, Suze Myers, Alida Rose Delaney, Mikhail Makeyev

Best Short Film:  Girl, Sweetvoiced — Rebecca Shoptaw

Best Pilot: Vows  — Nazli Sarpkaya & Isabelle Pierre, Ginny Leise, Callie Hanau 

Best Director: Darcy on House Arrest — Heidi Weitzer 

Best Web Series: Home Turf — Mara Joly, Lou Bélanger, Rafael Perez, St Laurent TV, Sophie Samson

If you have a web series, this is a must-submit festival. For more information on NYC Web Fest, check out Episode 512 with Lauren Atkins, the festival’s founder. 

Episode 506: Miami Web Fest with Jordan Elizabeth Gelber

Hosted By Jason Godbey, Creative Director, Behind the Rabbit Productions

On this episode, producer Jordan Elizabeth Gelber joins host Jason Godbey in the Rabbit Hole Studio to talk about her recent trip to Miami Web Fest. She also gives her advice to creatives looking to get their projects into web festivals as well as her insight on where where web content is headed.

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