No Rest for the Weekend is a podcast dedicated to indie filmmakers and content creators. It’s a must see/must listen for everyone from the film professional looking to move up in the industry to the weekend warrior/DIY filmmaker.


Jason Godbey (Producer/Creator/Host) is the founder of Behind the Rabbit Productions and is the writer/director o such films as Thug #3, and The Last Hit, and the creator of Watch This Film, Artist Profiles, and No Rest for the Weekend (the Making of The Last Hit)

Adonis Tsilimparis (Associate Producer) is the coordinator for multiple episodes of No Rest for the Weekend. He is also the producer of the short film, A Woman of His Own. Adonis is a career composer for film and television. His credits include: All My Children, CSI:NY, NCIS, Dementia 13 and Blood Bound.

Christopher Gillard (Producer Indie Film News/Composer) is the founder of Sound Haus Audio. Chris is currently producing the Indie Film News episodes for No Rest for the Weekend, and he has composed the themes for Watch This Film and No Rest for the Weekend, recorded the sound for Thug #3, and he is the Composer/Sound Designer for The Last Hit.

Ilaria Malvezzi (Correspondent) is an actress and a filmmaker. For No Rest for the Weekend, she has covered the film festival circuit in 2018. She has written and starred in the award winning short films Unvoiced and Open.

Ashley Carrizo (Correspondent) is a actor/dancer with a BFA from The University of the Arts in Philadelphia, PA. In 2018 she covered the Hip Hop Film Festival.

Victoria Oliver (Host, Series I) is an actor/model with two Bachelor of Arts degrees from Fordham University Lincoln Center in Theatre Performance and Communications/Media Studies. She hosted the first season of No Rest for the Weekend. Her acting credits include: Law & Order: SVU, Powers, and the indie film, Hinsdale House.

Christine Tamariz (Audio Editor) is a recent graduate of the University of Florida and has worked on short and feature films as an editor, production designer, and casting director. Some of her credits include: 2050 (promo editor), Court Ordered (production designer) and Fudge Pops (casting director & sound mixer).

Sergio Beltran (Audio Editor/Camera Operator) recently moved to New York City to pursue his dream in becoming a Film Editor. Currently he is a Post/Production Assistant working in film and TV which include In The Heights, Law & Order: SVU, and Wu-Tang: An American Saga

Lindsay Aster (Correspondent) is an actor/producer with several indie films and series projects under her belt. For No Rest for the Weekend, she has covered the festival circuit in 2019 including: the Soho International Film Festival, and the Bushwick Film Festival.

EJ Argenio (Contributor) is a former executive producer for NBC Sports Radio and has worked for Major League Baseball and ESPN. The short film, In The Field, in which he produced, was accepted by more that 20 film festivals including Soho International, Burbank and Catalina.

Andrew Sweatman (Contributor) is a writer, podcaster, and the Senior Editor at Arthouse Garage where they make art-house, classic, and indie cinema accessible to the masses.