Movie Opening: THE ATTACHMENT DIARIES Opening At IFC Center on May 26th Two troubled women on the edge see their lives intertwined when they embark on a vicious crusade of revenge, fueled by shifting passions and haunting secrets. Written and by Valentín Javier Diment, The Attachment Diaries takes place in Argentina in 1970 where desperate young woman goes to … Continue reading Movie Opening: THE ATTACHMENT DIARIES

Lincoln Center Announces Free Movie Screenings in NYC

Summer for the City is Lincoln Center’s three-month-long summer festival featuring thousands of artists from New York City and beyond, performing across multiple outdoor and indoor stages. From June to August, Summer for the City will animate every corner of the Center’s 16-acre campus with hundreds of free and Choose-What-You-Pay concerts, film screenings, dance nights, theater, comedy, silent discos, civic events, family-friendly days, and more, a reflection of the multifaceted communities of New York.

A Few Good Journalists: BAD PRESS at SF Film Festival

In the United States Constitution, the First Amendment protects freedom of speech, the press, assembly, and the right to petition the Government for a redress of grievances. Freedom of the press is something we hold sacred here in the U.S., but did you know there are places within our borders that do not guarantee that basic human right to their citizens? In the case of Native American lands, a free press is not guaranteed in their constitution. 

Now Playing at SF FILM Festival: DALILAND Daliland Will Screen on April 14th as part of the San Francisco International Film Festival by Jason Godbey Daliland is the new biopic of surrealist artist Salvador Dali directed by Mary Harron and starring Sir Ben Kingsley as Dali. We see the legendary artist through the eyes of the young man assigned to look … Continue reading Now Playing at SF FILM Festival: DALILAND

Crowdfunding Spotlight: HALTED

The war in Ukraine has disrupted the process for many American families attempting to adopt children. This is the issue highlighted in the upcoming short film, Halted, which follows the story of Isha and Ben who decide to adopt Maksym, a seven year Ukrainian boy, but when Russia invades Ukraine, their last hope of becoming a family is stolen away.

Tonkawa Film Festival Kicks Off Apr 14th

The Tonkawa Film Festival is preparing for the arrival of a record number of filmmakers from around the world, including as far away as Australia. Filmmakers will be arriving in Tonkawa on Thursday Apr 13th for a private welcome event which includes Tonkawa Tribe dancers/singers/drummers. The community is invited to join us for film screenings … Continue reading Tonkawa Film Festival Kicks Off Apr 14th

Episode 1115: Hollywood Stories Part II by Jason Godbey, Creator- No Rest for the Weekend On my recent trip to Los Angeles, I interviewed friends and colleagues about what it's like to live in Hollywood and work in the entertainment industry. On this episode Actor/Producer Morgan Page, Actor Joseph Melendez, and Filmmaker Indy Gott talk about their experience and give … Continue reading Episode 1115: Hollywood Stories Part II

VELVET GOLDMINE at Tribeca Film Festival 2022 Director Todd Haynes announces plans for re-release. Last night at the BMCC Tribeca Performing Arts Center, the glam rock indie classic Velvet Goldmine was screened for an audience as part of the Tribeca Film Festival. The 1998 film stars Jonathan Rhys Meyers as Brian Slade, a glam rock era David Bowie-esque figure who creates … Continue reading VELVET GOLDMINE at Tribeca Film Festival 2022

Episode 114: Hollywood Stories Part I by Jason Godbey Recently I took a trip to to Los Angeles on business, so I decided to interview some of my friends and colleagues about their experiences living in Hollywood and working in the entertainment industry. So many of us have this fantasy of Hollywood, but what's the reality? These next few episodes … Continue reading Episode 114: Hollywood Stories Part I

Brooklyn Film Festival- The Cast of SIGNS OF LOVE Interview by Kayla Vera No Rest for the Weekend's Kayla Vera interviews some of the cast of the new indie drama Signs of Love: Zoe Bleu, Hoppper Penn, Wass Stevens and Cree Kawa on the red carpet of the Brooklyn Film Festival 2022. For more film festival coverage, follow us here and subscribe to … Continue reading Brooklyn Film Festival- The Cast of SIGNS OF LOVE