Episode 1212: Evan Shapiro at the NAB Show NY 2022

On this episode Producer/Media Cartographer Evan Shapiro talks about the current media landscape at NAB Show in NY where he gave the keynote speech. In this interview Shapiro speaks about the rapid changes in the world of streaming content and what streaming channels will need to thrive in today's market.


Episode 1211: Katra Film Series – Fall 2022

On this episode as part of our No Rest for the Fest coverage this fall, we take you to the red carpet of the Fall 202 Edition of the Katra Film Series at the Regal Cinema in New York City featuring interviews with the filmmakers and stars of the festival.

Episode 1210: Mary Woodvine & Mark Jenkin at NYFF 2022

On this episode Mary Woodvine and Mark Jenkin, lead, the actor and director of the new feature, Enys Men talk about the making of the film and their journey for the New York Film Festival 2022. Enys Men is the story of a middle-aged woman spends her days isolated in enigmatic environmental study on an uninhabited, island off the coast of Cornwall in southwest England, yet she’s also increasingly haunted by her own nightmarish visitations.

Definitely Follow – INFLUENCER at Brooklyn Horror Film Festival

There’s a certain joy in rooting for the bad guy in a movie. A truly great villain can win you over in a number of ways, be it strong characterization, a sadistic glee in their methods, or a logic in their actions that surprises the viewer by making an odd sort of sense. That’s what I got from Influencer. Writer-director Kurtis David Harder crafts a relatively simple but massively fun bit of modern horror thanks in large part to his focus on a truly compelling baddie that will earn your respect, and perhaps even outright admiration.

Episode 1209: Soho International Film Festival 2022 Part II

On this episode we bring you our continued "no rest for the fest" coverage of 13th Annual Soho International Film Festival. Featuring interviews with: Anthony Robert Grasso, Diane Harrington, Maren Lavelle, Matt Steiner, Nick Ronan, Erica Camarano, Stephen Michael Simon, Max Gardner, Michael Ien Cohen, and the festival's Executive Director, Sibyl Santiago.

Episode 1208: Soho International Film Festival 2022

On this episode we take you to the red carpet of the 13th Annual Soho International Film Festival. Featuring interviews with: Diana Cossa, Kate Forsatz, Chad L. Coleman, Ben Myers, Cheryl Allison, Alejandro Montoya Marin, John Kaler, Marissa Ghavami, Frank Harts, Elise Finnerty, Estelle Gerard Parks, Lauren Sowa, Massimo Soto, Libe Barer, Miranda Khan, Baylee Toney, Myles Clohessy.

New York Film Festival Shorts

In Tiger Strike Red Qatari-American artist Sophia Al-Maria explores the relationship between Western art, history, and the legacy of colonialism. Four young people of color cavort through London’s Victoria and Albert Museum, talking in echoey voice-overs about how their interpretation of the meaning of various objects in the collection is different from the traditional Western view. Al-Maria throws in everything from Boudicca to the East Indian Company to British army “redcoats,” juxtaposing them with film snippets of pop culture from A Man Called Horse to Red Dwarf to Buffy the Vampire Slayer to make her point, which is that the truth of history depends on who you’re talking to.

Episode 1207: Natalie Metzger

On this episode director Natalie Metzger talks about her short film, Sleep Study which is now streaming as part of HULU's Bite Size Halloween. The Spirit Award nominated filmmaker was discovered by 20th Digital, the company behind the Bite Size Halloween series, when they saw her sci-fi short, Immortal.