Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris


2022 Brooklyn Film Festival Animation Program


Welcome, Violeta

The Northman

Everything Everywhere All at Once

The Lost City

Death on the Nile



House of Gucci, Spider-Man: No Way Home, & The Tragedy of MacBeth by Maribeth Thueson

Castle Falls by Daniel Mendes

Dawn Raid by Jason Godbey

Matrix Resurrections

West Side Story (2021) by Maribeth Thueson

Mortal Kombat Legends: Battle of the Realms by Daniel Mendes

Belfast, Encanto, Eternals, & The French Dispatch by Maribeth Thueson

Bruised by Daniel Mendes

The Paper Tigers by Daniel Mendes

Tick, Tick… BOOM by Maribeth Thueson

Spencer by Daniel Mendes

Dune by Maribeth Thueson

The Last Duel by Maribeth Thueson

The Drummer by Maribeth Thueson

When I Consume You by Robert Rosado

No Time to Die by Maribeth Thueson

Dear Evan Hanson by Maribeth Thueson

More Than Miyagi: The Pat Morita Story by William J. Hammon

Touch by Maribeth Thueson

Hudson by Maribeth Thueson

Zero Gravity by Maribeth Thueson

Free Guy by Maribeth Thueson

Aretha by Maribeth Thueson

Pig by William J. Hammon

Seer & The Unseen by Jason Godbey

The Green Knight by William J. Hammon

Echoes of the Invisible by William J. Hammon

Masters of the Universe: Revelation by Jason Godbey

No Sudden Move by William J. Hammon

For Madmen Only by William J. Hammon

Moving in 2008 by William J. Hammon

Queens of Pain by William J. Hammon

Death Hacks by William J. Hammon

American Desert by William J. Hammon

The Oak Room by Robert Rosado

Dope Is Death by Jason Godbey

Synchronic by Jason Godbey

Nobody by William J. Hammon

Martha: A Picture Story by Jason Godbey

Saint Maud by Robert Rosado

Rage by William J. Hammon

the little things by Jason Godbey

Pretend It’s City by Jason Godbey

Outside the Wire by Jason Godbey

The Midnight Sky by Jason Godbey

1982 by EJ Argenio

Canvas & If Anything Happens I Love You by Jason Godbey

The Mank-a-List by Jason Godbey

Mank by William J. Hammon

Antarctica by William J. Hammon

Dance Dreams: Hot Chocolate Nut Cracker by Jason Godbey

Perry Mason by Jason Godbey

Truth Seekers by Jason Godbey

Rebecca by William J. Hammon

Borat 2 by William J. Hammon

The Argument by William J. Hammon

I’m Thinking of Ending Things by William J. Hammon

Project Power by Jason Godbey

Greyhound by EJ Argenio

Irresistible by William J. Hammon

The Old Guard by Jason Godbey

My Spy by EJ Argenio

Suzi Q by Jason Godbey

Mystery Road by William J. Hammon

Tremble All You Want by Lauren Atkins

Losing Alice by Lauren Atkins

We Are One: A Global Film Festival: Day Three: Annecy Shorts by William J. Hammon

Ticket of No Return by William J. Hammon

We Are One: A Global Film Festival: Day Two: Annecy Shorts by William J. Hammon

We Are One: A Global Film Festival: Web Series by Lauren Atkins

We Are One: A Global Film Festival Day One: Annecy Shorts by William J. Hammon

Rudeboy: The Story of Trojan Records-Review by Lauren Atkins

A Very Human Odyssey – The Right Girls by William J. Hammon

Coming Out of the Dark – Snæland by William J. Hammon

Couples Retreat by Way of Rashomon – Rotten Ears by William J. Hammon

Have a Good Trip: Adventures in Psychedelics – A Review by EJ Argenio

The Ghost Who Walks Reviewed by Andrew Sweatman

Never Surrender Reviewed by Jason Godbey

Auggie Reviewed by EJ Argenio

The Incoherents Reviewed by Andrew Sweatman

Lake Michigan Monster Reviewed by EJ Argenio

Walking Out Reviewed by William J. Hammon

Tonkawa Film Festival Shorts Reviewed by Andrew Sweatman

Quarantine Cabaret Reviewed by Jason Godbey

Jay and Silent Bob Reboot Reviewed by Jason Godbey

Schemers Reviewed by William J. Hammon

Daddy Issues Reviewed by Andrew Sweatman

Nipponia Nippon – Fukushima Rhapsody Reviewed by William J. Hammon

Doctor Sleep (Director’s Cut) Reviewed by Jason Godbey

What Did Jack Do? Reviewed by Jason Godbey

Horse Girl Reviewed by Andrew Sweatman

35th Annual Film Independent Spirit Awards Viewer’s Guide by William J. Hammon

Once Upon a Time In Venezuela Reviewed by Jason Godbey

Satan and Adam Reviewed by Jason Godbey

For Sama Reviewed by William J. Hammon

Limerence Reviewed by Jason Godbey

Angelfish Reviewed by Jason Godbey

Free Fire Reviewed by Jason Godbey

Dolemite Is My Name Reviewed by Jason Godbey

The Lighthouse Reviewed by EJ Argenio

There Comes a Knocking Reviewed by Jason Godbey

A Night of Horror-Nightmare Radio Reviewed by EJ Argenio

The Brooklyn Horror Film Festival

Memory: The Origins of Alien Reviewed by Jason Godbey

Zero at the Katra Film Series Reviewed by Jason Godbey

Don’t Be Nice Reviewed by Jason Godbey